Alan Probert

Alan Probert

Remedial Builder

As Danrae’s in-house builder, Alan is on top of all remediation projects.

After working in construction for over 40 years, he still enjoys being kept on his toes – and he always relishes a challenge. “I love innovation – and I’m always looking for new ways – and better ways – to do things.”

Building around the world

Alan began his building career in Wales in 1976, and he learnt a variety trades when he started out.

He honed his skills working on homes, then had scaffolding and building businesses in Wales and Australia. It took him across the globe and to projects including Disney World Hong Kong and stadiums and universities in Dubai.

“I did get off the tools for couple of years. I went to Abu Dhabi to work in construction management, and then I was in project management at Rio Tinto in Queensland. After that I realised that I love the hands-on work.”

A lifelong passion

Alan grew up making things around the house. He got his first building job two weeks after finishing school. And he still loves tinkering, even at home. So it’s been a lifetime passion. “My work is also my hobby. I love it. I sing and whistle from the moment I get up to the time I go to bed.” And the best thing about working at Danrae? “I love the variety… and that I’m working on something new all the time so no two days are the same.”

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