Danrae sponsors key webinar on building defects and remediation

High rise building with cracks

With extensive in-house expertise and comprehensive capability across diagnostic, solution design, remediation, waterproofing and preventative maintenance, Danrae Group has a wealth of industry knowledge.

We value quality waterproofing – and we’re always happy to support quality initiatives.

We’re delighted to be a sponsor of an upcoming webinar that looks at building faults, and which is ideal for architects, builders, engineers, construction professionals and strata managers. And to offer a special Danrae ticket discount (details below)!

Water leak on the floor

About building defects and remediation

As we previously discussed in our blog on failing buildings, it’s very clear that the quality of construction in Australia is lacking – and it’s directly led to increased insurance liability claims for issues including defective cladding, poor workmanship, water damage and increased fire risk.

While the Government has introduced stricter reforms around Building Codes, the remedial industry has boomed. Remediation has its difficulties however in terms of property access, the need to work around existing occupiers, the necessity to match existing construction, surfaces and finishes, compliance issues, and the potential relocation of tenants… which can make it very expensive.

This webinar brings together these issues, with a focus on what goes wrong during construction and how architects, builders, trades and suppliers can work together to minimise defects.

Steel with rust on a cracked wall

Questions to be covered

  • How does the complex building environment influence early design decisions that lead to typical defects?
  • How can we change developer mindset from price driven goals to quality outcomes?
  • What are the fundamentals of concrete repair and what are the remedial options?
  • Clean, Compact, Cover and Cure… why are these the most important words in the remedial concrete world?
  • Why in 2020 is waterproofing still one of the most prevalent causes of HBCF claims?
  • Does the current standard for external waterproofing give reasonable guidance to achieve a deemed to satisfy solution, as required by the NCC/BCA?
  • What are the key “must dos” in terms of on site preparation for waterproofing systems – what is the role of the project manager in this?
  • How do we best train builders in on site processes and material selection to ensure quality outcomes over cost and speed?
Exterior view of the top building

Seminar details

The building defects crisis – The Fault in Our Buildings
Structural defects, cracked concrete and water damage
Tue 8 September 2020
5pm – 7:30 pm

Take 20% off the ticket price thanks to Danrae. Simply enter the promo code DANRAE20 at checkout to claim your discount.

Cost to attend is $80 per person plus GST. Save 20% when you book for a group of 4 or more. Purchase includes a recording of the webinar.

Bookings and further information here: Eventbrite Seminar Booking.

Man fixing a cracked wall

Expert waterproofing solutions

Danrae Group prides itself on our quality, and we have the expertise to deliver expert waterproofing solutions for construction, civil, commercial, government and strata.

We run our own series of Lunch and Learn online workshops to educate strata managers, project managers, architects and builders on common waterproofing issues, and just what’s needed for a permanent and a cost-effective solution long-term.

Contact us if you need a comprehensive, compliant and quality waterproofing solution.

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