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Government Services

Randwick Light Rail Substation

Randwick Light Rail Substation

We are a fully accredited company with all our staff inducted with the following agencies RISI/RSW, ANSTO, NSW Health.

Some of our services include:

  • WATERPROOFING WORKSHOPS – Often property managers, engineers, consultants and the like make use of our free waterproofing workshops. We hold them at your premises and provides a great informational and learning session for all your staff.
  • PLANT ROOMS – Installation and repairs of flooring and waterproofing membranes with existing equipment in place.
  • MAINTENANCE PLANS – The care and maintenance of roofing applications is very important to maintain the warranty from the supplier. We ensure that your waterproofing membrane will last the test of time, repair any minor issues on the spot and provide a report on potential further issues.
  • ROOF TOP AUDITS – If you’re not sure of the existing life span of your roof, we can provide an extensive audit of your building’s roof. We can then provide comprehensive report to outline prioirtiy repairs and long term upgrades.
  • LEAK FAULT FINDING & REPORTING – We can use traditional water testing, Electric Field Vector Mapping (EFVM) and InfraRed Detection. These can be conducted either using onsite personnel or through the use of drones.
  • BALCONIES – both reinstallation of membrane, and sealing of balconies without removal of tiles by using impregnating membranes not a sealer that has to be recoated.
  • ROOFING UPGRADES – PVC, Torch-On, TPO, Butynol, Liquid – We are specialists in repairing or replacing roof membranes and ensuring the longevity of the system installed.
  • PLANTER BOXES – New and existing waterproofing and repairs.
  • HIGH PRESSURE CRACK INJECTION – Cracking can occur due to many reasons such building movement, weather and age. We provide specialised crack injection solutions to repair active leaks using various products often injected using 3000psi of pressure.
  • LIQUID DAMP COURSING - Rising damp and falling damp can be a major problem for buildings, not to mention the cost to install a new damp course. We can install a liquid damp course which is durable, non-toxic and very cost effective.
  • CONCRETE CANCER REPAIRS - Water penetration causes the concrete reinforcement to rust, which in turn creates stresses on the surrounding concrete which can then break away (spall). Where cracks develop, salts can appear in the form of stalactites on the underside of the concrete slab. If this situation is ignored, it can result it very costly repairs. This situation can be treated, using a combination of plugs, repair mortars and crack injection methods.
  • SALTING / EFFLORESCENCE REPAIRS - White calcium can build up on the tile surface and the surrounds of your planter box walls. Our appropriate cleaners and the right choice of products can minimise salt build up.
  • BASEMENT / LIFT PIT / RETAINING WALL MOISURE REPAIRS - Moisture to internal below ground retaining walls can be a common and expensive problem. A reverse tanking system could work for your situation.
  • FAÇADE COATINGS & REPAIRS – Through the use of access equipment or abseiling repairs can be conducted on the outer façade of areas or recoated with high UV resistant coatings