A comprehensive guide to waterproofing from the waterproofing experts

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At the Danrae Group, we are leading waterproofing experts in everything waterproofing.

Through our blog pages and extensive waterproofing knowledge, we offer insights into our comprehensive guide to waterproofing applications for most building and property types.

Construction of a residential basement

Basement waterproofing

Extreme weather may lead to basement flooding, especially without adequate waterproofing.  If you don’t have appropriate basement waterproofing this will lead to further waterproofing issues.

It is also quite common for water to enter basements after heavy rain. Areas such as subterranean car parks and lift pits are often affected by the rising water table and lateral pressure from the soil, pushing water towards your structure.

Rooftop parking with Audi logo on the floor

Commercial waterproofing

Commercial buildings see the largest footprint traffic of any building type. Offices, shopping centres, hotels, schools and hospitals are all examples of commercial buildings. The investment required for these buildings is significant, so quality commercial waterproofing is fundamental to the buildings’ foundational framework.

We believe commercial waterproofing matters in terms of safety, property value, sustainability and durability.

Exterior view of a hospital building

Flat roof waterproofing

Flat roofs are a distinct part of modern architecture design and act as an aesthetically appropriate frame for a modern or contemporary style building or home.

When planning a flat roof build or renovation, it is essential to consider specific flat roof waterproofing provisions. Although each project is unique, our flat roof waterproofing recommendations are based on element analysis, waterproofing membrane options and accurate selection.

Green roof on modern buildings and other residential buildings

Green roof waterproofing

Green roofs or living roofs are known to insulate a building, requiring less cooling or heating system emissions. They improve sound, generate oxygen and act as a filtration system for rainwater by capturing pollutants. Green roofs can also decelerate water runoff, which has been proven over recent months with the wet weather conditions we’ve been experiencing.

As roof gardens will be home to various vegetation types, including trees and other diverse root systems, waterproofing technology becomes essential in selecting a suitable waterproofing membrane.

Strata waterproofing

Residential and commercial strata property managers are responsible for maintaining the strata building and ensuring the safety of tenants, so it’s very important to have a comprehensive waterproofing solution.

The three common strata waterproofing problem areas we’ve identified are flat roofs, balconies and basements. Our five-step strata waterproofing solution encompasses expert diagnostics, tailored solution design, waterproofing installation and remediation, adequate testing and handover and preventative maintenance.

Modern european complex of apartment buildings

Apartment waterproofing

Danrae Group provides expert waterproofing solutions for strata, construction, civil, commercial and government sectors. We’re skilled and experienced across end-to-end waterproofing, including diagnostic, solution design, waterproofing, remediation and preventative maintenance, so we fully understand all strata waterproofing needs.

Strata managers oversee all facilities management, including apartment waterproofing. Acting on behalf of strata committees, you are responsible for maintaining property conditions – and ensuring the safety of your tenants – which is why it’s essential to have an overview of waterproofing requirements, industry standards and the contracting process.

Elevator base

Lift pit waterproofing

Just as you need tailored and expert waterproofing for flat roofs, balconies and basements, lift pit waterproofing needs to be done right the first time – both to protect your property and avoid costly remediation.

Lift pits are particularly susceptible to waterproofing issues, which is why expert diagnostics, solution design, remediation and preventative maintenance are so important. We encourage buildings with lifts and lift pits to seek professional waterproofing expertise to avoid potential future issues such as leaks, concrete spalling and concrete cancer.

Expansion joint on the floor

Expansion joint waterproofing

Our team has decades of experience, so we understand end-to-end waterproofing requirements – and we pride ourselves on our attention to detail.

Waterproofing for expansion joints requires a solid knowledge of waterproofing for construction and best-practice solutions for strata, construction, civil, government and commercial properties.

It is important to seek the correct advice when waterproofing expansion joints. Read here to understand more about expansion joint waterproofing.

An old beautiful church

Heritage waterproofing

Our capability ensures we’re also well equipped to work with licensed heritage builders. Heritage property owners have several obligations in terms of property preservation, and historic properties may be more prone to certain waterproofing issues.

If you own or manage a historic property in need of a waterproofing solution, understanding the heritage listing, how to waterproof heritage structures and understanding common heritage waterproofing issues form a large part of expert waterproofing solutions.

For all your waterproofing needs, regardless of the building type, contact the waterproofing experts.

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