Krish Pratap

Danrae - Krish Pratap

Trainee Waterproofer

Krish is a trainee waterproofer and plumber. Prior to Danrae, he specialised in roof plumbing and installing fire sprinkler systems. “Now I do lots of ceiling work at Danrae, and I really like being able to work with a variety of waterproofing membranes.”

Keeping it social

Outside work, Krish loves fishing, driving or spending time outdoors with friends. He likes the social atmosphere at work, too. “It’s a good environment here, and very sociable. Everyone is open, honest, friendly. And that makes it a nice place to work.”

Working well

Krish also enjoys doing a job well. “Work ethic is important. You’ve got to have the right attitude. That’s why I like to know I’ve done a good job – and it’s a good outcome for every customer.”

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