The right product for the job.



Danrae Group applies a various range of waterproofing products to suit your particular needs. We form strong relationships with our suppliers and will source new products to ensure we can provide a successful and sustainable solution.

Sheet Membranes

Applciation of Sheet Membranes

Liquid Membranes

Whether the solution is spray-on or roller applied we have the ability to cover large areas with minimal time and costs. Spray-on membranes are normally touch dry within seconds, so you can save time and money by not having to wait for membrane curing times.

Sheet Membranes

There are many sheet membranes that we currently apply for our customers such as PVC, TPO, Torch-On and Bentonite Clay membranes. TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) membranes are an environmentally friendly and energy efficient roofing membrane that has many benefits over other sheet membranes on the market. Bentonite Clay membranes are great for retaining walls and have "Self Healing" clay backing that will swell if the membrane experiences a puncture.

Remedial Products

From crack injection products to paint removal systems our staff will find the best solution to ensure you save time and money on your project.