Key reasons why commercial waterproofing matters

Commercial buildings see the largest footprint traffic of any building type. Offices, shopping centres, hotels, schools and hospitals are all examples of commercial buildings. The investment required for these buildings is significant, which is why quality commercial waterproofing is fundamental to a building’s foundational framework.

Here are our reasons why commercial waterproofing matters.

Exterior view of a hospital building


The first and most important reason why commercial waterproofing requires qualified and capable expertise and installation is safety. Commercial buildings are designed to withstand significant volumes of traffic. If the building presents any water issues like concrete spalling or signs of concrete cancer, it is vital to immediately procure a waterproofing expert like ours at Danrae.

View of a flat roof

Property Value

Commercial property acquisition requires significant financial investment, whether owned by the state or as part of an investment portfolio or consortium. No one wants to see this type of asset depreciate due to substandard infrastructure. If you’re considering investing in an existing commercial property or are building a new one, please contact one of our compliant professionals.


In one of our recent blogs about green roof gardens, we shared some insights on how proper waterproofing helps keep a building energy efficient. Although we specifically shared details about green roofs and roof gardens, the fact remains that they are known to insulate a building, requiring less cooling or heating, resulting in less emissions. Green, flat roofs improve sound, generate oxygen and act as filtration systems for rainwater by capturing pollutants. They can also decelerate water runoff.

Pool installed on roof top


In the 2020-21 Insurance Catastrophe Resilience Report, there were $93.1 million in commercial claims made from the east coast storms and floods. Of this, $80.8 million were commercial property claims. To give you an idea of what that figure may look like for 2022, May rainfall alone this year was 40% higher than for the same period last year.

Effective waterproofing is critical for commercial buildings to ensure they withstand adverse weather conditions over long periods of time. Water ingress can lead to significant damage, requiring costly remediation solutions if not done correctly from the start.

Building refurbishments are no different and could even require more analysis and professional investigation to ensure the prevention methods are put in place to prevent damage and protect the existing structure.

We urge commercial property owners, managers or anyone involved in the infrastructure or solutions process for commercial waterproofing to contact us and speak to one of our waterproofing experts to discuss a waterproofing solution that works.

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