Danrae Group is the expert in waterproofing diagnostics, design and remediation for commercial property. We excel at all aspects of waterproofing in buildings – from commercial caulking to targeting concrete cancer causes to repairing leaking roofs. And we will project manage every stage from site induction to final sign off for an efficient, safe and compliant project.

With superior workmanship plus fast response and flexible 24-hour service when required, we will fix your issue first time, on time, every time… with quality guaranteed.

Complete Commercial solutions

Complete commercial solutions

We understand that commercial property requires a superior waterproofing solution. We’ve seen every possible issue, from common flat roof problems to

leaking balconies to cracked floors, concrete cancer and efflorescence…

…and we know that seemingly small problems can impact multiple tenants.

Untreated issues or prolonged servicing can cause major disruption and can impact property values down the track.

We have decades of industry experience and we’re qualified in all waterproofing techniques – and every type of membrane.

We’re a fully certified industry leader familiar with every aspect of compliance. And that means our process includes full site induction, tenant communication and complete certification paperwork.

We know that quality is key – and time is crucial. So to minimise tenant disruption, we will work around the clock to complete the job fast.

Capability in end-to-end waterproofing

The Danrae difference

We stand apart from most waterproofing companies with our comprehensive experience, full accreditation, project warranties and in-house waterproofing expertise.

Our waterproofers work with leading brands including Sika, Soprema and Parchem. And we have a team of engineers and electricians, estimators, builders, carpenters and plumbers… on hand for every job.

That means we have full capability in end-to-end waterproofing and remedial building management.

Preventative waterproofing

Robust processes, superior products

Danrae Group has years of experience in commercial waterproofing, and we have proven processes to ensure the job is done safely and effectively. We’re fully accredited and compliant with all industry standards. And we use only premier products – so your solution is permanent.

We can also protect your property with ongoing maintenance, because preventative waterproofing is the best way to avoid structural debilitation – and maintain property value.

Go straight to the experts...

… that’s us! We live and breathe waterproofing and remediation. Whatever your query, we can help. Contact us to speak to one of our expert team and get your project on the right track.


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