Penrith Government Office Building

Danrae Group has been providing exceptional waterproofing and remedial building solutions for over 20 years. We’re a trusted family business with tailored expertise, full accreditation – and a quality guarantee. And we have a comprehensive end to end service that includes diagnostic, design, remediation and preventative maintenance.

Our clients include leading names in the Government, civil and commercial sectors. We’ve worked on multiple large-scale projects including hospitals, high-rise apartment buildings and shopping centres. And we understand the demands of Government contracts in terms of time, quality, safety and compliance.

Superior waterproofing for hospitals

With decades of experience, we know everything there is to know about waterproofing and remediation building for the Government sector, with our major projects including the Royal Botanic Gardens, St Vincent’s Hospital Clinic and Campbelltown Hospital in Sydney.

Danrare Botanical Gardens

Whether it’s solution design for a new hospital under construction, or leak detection and remedial services, we guarantee fast-response, superior quality and permanent waterproofing solutions. We understand that time can be critical, especially when patient safety is a factor. So we’re flexible too, and can work to a 24-hour schedule when needed.

Danrae Group specialises in premium-quality, cost-effective and water-resistant construction and remediation services for large civil and Government projects. And we understand the complexity of waterproofing design for hospitals, where patient safety and security is the utmost priority.

Excellence In Every Detail

Excellence in every detail

Danrae Group excels at end to end project management. With proven experience and robust processes in place, we’ll look after everything from crane hire to council permits and site induction. We’ll dismantle, re-build and re-tile to exceptional standards. And remove rubbish so the site is in pristine condition on completion.

We stand apart from most waterproofing contractors with decades of experience, full accreditation, project warranties… and in-house expertise.

We have an incredible team of waterproofers plus engineers, electricians, estimators, builders, carpenters and plumbers at hand. So we have full capability in end to end waterproofing and remedial building management for every hospital project.

We’re also one of the few in the industry fully qualified and certified to work in every type of membrane. Our specialist team can work with liquid, PVC, TPO, peel and stick, and injection products… and we will provide comprehensive recommendations for the best products for your job.

Safe And Security

Safety and security

Danrae Group understands that Government property such as hospitals have specific safety and security concerns. And we have the skills and experience to complete projects to premium quality – with minimal disruption to patients and tenants.

Our specialised team are all qualified and certified to CM3 and ISO standards. And they will work in difficult environments or around existing infrastructure. We work to premium standards and work fast, to make sure we always complete the job as promised.


… that’s us! We live and breathe waterproofing and remediation. Whatever your query, we can help. Contact us to speak to one of our expert team and get your project on the right track.


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