Waterproofing Guarantee NSW

With over 20 years’ experience in diagnostic, solution design, waterproofing and remediation for diverse sectors, Danrae Group is the go-to for high quality, compliant and permanent waterproofing solutions. We’re proud to guarantee our quality, which is why in addition to your standard membrane warranty, we provide a full workmanship waterproofing guarantee.

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Expert waterproofing… guaranteed

Danrae Group focuses on highest quality waterproofing solutions for our clients across the strata, construction, civil, commercial and government sectors. With our extensive knowledge of compliance requirements across multiple industries, our waterproofing consistently meets and exceeds Australian standards.

Our team is one of the few in the industry trained and certified to work with every type and brand of waterproofing membrane, meaning we’re equipped to service every sector and every type of property. And we have a full team of trades professionals for every remedial job.

By keeping things in-house and overseeing end-to-end project management, we provide exceptional quality… and we’re perfectly placed to give you a complete workmanship guarantee.

About your waterproofing guarantee

Generally, a waterproofing guarantee relates to your waterproofing membrane. We triple test every membrane installation, which includes testing from the supplier. Once they are happy with the quality of installation, we provide full details of the brand warranty at handover.

Depending on the brand, a materials warranty can last 10, 20 or 30 years. Keep your membrane in pristine condition and the manufacturer might even extend your warranty, and sometimes by years.

While a membrane warranty is imperative, so is the quality of the workmanship, and that’s where we stand apart. In addition to your warranty, we also provide a full workmanship guarantee, something still quite rare in our industry.

Our standard waterproofing plans include the usual manufacturing warranty… and our six-year installation guarantee.

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Our preventative maintenance plans

To provide even further protection on completion of your roof waterproofing, Danrae Group also offers our clients a choice of optional roof waterproofing maintenance plans.

Our waterproofing maintenance is the best way to protect your membrane warranty. We’ve tailored our plans to provide you with full flexibility for maintenance that best suits your budget and the specific needs of your strata, commercial or government property.

Our roof waterproofing maintenance helps keep your waterproofing in great shape… and that will help preserve the integrity and value of your property.

Different Roof waterproofing maintenance plans

Standard, Gold and Platinum Plans

At Danrae Group, we think long-term, so we never opt for a quick fix. And a key part of your waterproofing solution is preventative maintenance.

We have three levels of optional roof waterproofing maintenance plans – giving you full flexibility for maintenance that best suits your property.

While a standard plan comes with our six year guarantee, there are even more benefits with our Gold and Platinum packages, including extended installation warranties and manufacturer warranties, annual inspections to rectify minor issues, site documentation and testing certificates.

Preventative maintenance is the smart choice for long-term waterproofing effectiveness.

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The waterproofing experts

With our origins as a family business, Danrae Group has always focused on quality work and complete customer satisfaction.

Our expert team goes above and beyond to find the perfect waterproofing solution for every client… and make sure your waterproofing lasts.

For comprehensive waterproofing solutions with a full workmanship waterproofing guarantee, please contact us.