Waterproofing Consultation Service

Danrae Group has been providing exceptional diagnostic, solution design and remediation for over twenty years – and we have grown to become the go-to for comprehensive, high-quality and compliant waterproofing solutions. Our expertise means we’re also the waterproofing consultant of choice for major construction projects.

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Meet our expert waterproofing consultant

Danrae Group Founder Ron Caruana is our expert waterproofing consultant. He oversees all aspects of new construction waterproofing to ensure your contractor is providing a high-quality waterproofing solution that meets all required Australian Standards.

Ron founded Danrae Group over twenty years ago, and he has vast experience across all aspects of waterproofing including diagnostic, solution design, remediation and preventative maintenance.

He is the NSW representative of the Australian Institute of Waterproofing… and an outstanding project manager.

Ron works directly for owners, developers and builders. He will be on hand throughout every stage of your construction or redevelopment project… so you can expect expert project delivery.

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What our consultancy involves

Our waterproofing consultant services include a complete assessment of your waterproofing solution. Ron will assess design documents, data sheets, builder reports and other information to confirm the design and all membranes and project materials meet Australian Standards.

Where required, Ron can also provide design modifications to improve your current waterproofing design or tailor it to meet specific project aims.

Our expert consultancy includes full assessment of your installation in various property locations and at random stages through your project. He uses only high quality waterproofing technology and techniques to test membranes in areas including rooftops, balconies and basements and ensure your installation is as per supplier specifications.

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Why waterproofing consultancy is crucial

Shoddy waterproofing ranks among the top three regular defects across the building industry – with fire cladding and structural issues. NSW government legislation now stipulates that all building work must comply with Building Code of Australia (BCA) requirements before an occupation certificate (OC) can be issued. And the NSW Building Commissioner has broad powers to advise against OCs if there is evidence of any defects, preventing further development.

An expert waterproofing consultant is the best way to ensure your construction project is delivered seamlessly… and in line with your project vision.

There are many building consultants around but not specialist waterproofing consultants. It’s imperative to understand the logistics of waterproofing and have a thorough knowledge of Australian Standards for waterproofing,” (Ron Caruana, Danrae Group)


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