Preventative Mainteance


Danrae has been providing exceptional waterproofing diagnostic, design and remediation services for over two decades. And with extensive and diverse in-house expertise, we excel at end-to-end project management… and something more. Our full-suite service extends to preventative maintenance, so your first-class waterproofing stays in top shape, and remains cost-effective.

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Preventative maintenance is a proactive solution – to avoid reactive problem management. Once you have quality waterproofing in place, you want it to last.

We use premier products and guarantee our quality, but external factors may impact on longevity.

Surrounded or overlooked by trees? Leaves and debris may block outlets and impact effective drainage.

Other potential problems arise from inquisitive birds picking at membranes or joints, extreme weather, or accidental damage during other trades work.

And one problem left untreated may lead to much bigger issues.

Preventative Maintenance


Danrae Group offers preventative maintenance plans on completion of every project. And a key benefit of our preventative maintenance is early intervention.

With regular inspections and maintenance, we can help keep your quality waterproofing membrane in top shape and catch any problems early. Early intervention helps ensure minor issues don’t escalate into major repairs that might also need extensive and costly remediation.

For strata properties, significant repairs also stay with building history and may impact property value down the track.

Preventative maintenance is the best way to preserve the quality and cost-effectiveness of your waterproofing solution… and the excellent condition and value of every property.

Extending Product Life


When you purchase a waterproofing membrane, you have an obligation to protect it as best you can – just as you would a vehicle or appliance. A core benefit of preventative maintenance then is to help you fulfil warranty conditions. If you fail to maintain your membrane, the supplier can void the warranty. Keep a membrane in pristine condition however, and suppliers regularly extend warranties… sometimes by years.

Proper maintenance will ensure your waterproofing membrane retains its original properties, too. Regular cleaning of a PVC membrane will protect its reflective properties to inhibit heat absorption. And replacement of UV-protective granules in torch-on membranes before they begin to degrade means damaging UV light won’t wreak havoc.

So when accidents happen, or nature takes a toll, your property – and waterproofing solution – are protected.

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Prevention is the best way forward once we’ve completed your waterproofing project.

And we’re happy to help if you already have waterproofing in place. With decades of experience, Danrae Group understands the ins and outs of waterproofing… from basements to rooftops, and projects of every scale.

And preventative maintenance is just one aspect of our comprehensive capability that also includes full project management. Danrae Group provides exceptional waterproofing – and we love a happy customer.

We go above and beyond to ensure our clients in strata, civil, commercial and government sectors have exceptional, expert and end-to-end waterproofing diagnostic, design, remediation and preventative maintenance.

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