Danrae Group is the expert in comprehensive, end-to-end waterproofing for civil, commercial, government and strata clients. And we commit to long-term, quality waterproofing solutions with full preventative maintenance plans. Proactive preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure the integrity and cost-effectiveness of every waterproofing solution.

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Danrae Group has the expertise to provide first-class waterproofing diagnostic, design and remediation, but external factors can impact the performance of the most robust waterproofing solutions.

A property with overhanging trees may be more prone to clogged drains from falling leaves. Inquisitive cockatoos can chew membranes and cause significant punctures and tears.

Environmental factors such as extreme heat or storms may wreak havoc. And accidental damage from other trade work is not uncommon.

We recommend preventative maintenance plans so that we can find, treat and maintain your waterproofing membrane… and ensure it lasts for decades.

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On completion of every waterproofing and remediation project, we offer our clients an optional waterproofing maintenance plan. Plans generally involve a full inspection every twelve months, or more frequently depending on property type and location.

During our inspection, our team will assess the overall membrane condition, ensure there are no loose roof coverings or cappings, inspect all seals and welds, and check drains and scuppers for leaves, soil or debris. We also monitor for rust damage on rooftop equipment that might impact membrane condition.

During our visit, we clear the area of any debris and perform a general membrane clean. If we see something that needs an urgent fix, we do it on the spot.

We issue a full diagnostic report to each client that includes photographs and lists any issues that warrant larger repairs. Once approved, we handle any further work including full remediation where required.

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There are multiple benefits to our preventative maintenance plan, ranging from performance retention to warranty preservation. Just as a car manufacturer will void a warranty if you don’t look after your vehicle, so too will a membrane supplier.

Ultimately, a preventative maintenance plan is the best way to preserve your quality waterproofing solution over the long term, to save costly repairs down the track… and to protect the condition and value of your property.

Contact us if you need a preventative maintenance plan and comprehensive, quality solutions… from the waterproofing experts.


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