Thermal Camera Reading

Effective leak detection for long-lasting solutions

Effective leak detection is central to efficient and long-lasting waterproofing solutions. The Danrae diagnostic team has years of experience in targeting the root cause – from concrete spalling and concrete cancer to liquid damp coursing, leaks, cracks and efflorescence.

We inspect each site, conduct extensive testing and provide a written report on completion with detailed remediation recommendations.

We have a broad scope of equipment and use multiple testing methods for accurate findings – including traditional water testing, Electric Field Vector Mapping (EFVM) and InfraRed Detection, either via on-ground personnel or airborne drones.

With every aspect of leak detection covered, we guarantee to find the problem fast.

In House Builder

Building expertise for efficient fault finding

Danrae’s in-house builders have decades of experience in projects of every size, from shacks to stadiums – and it’s an expertise that is critical to efficient fault finding.

Our builders thoroughly:

  • assess your structure
  • target potential problem areas
  • conduct rigorous testing to determine where water may ingress into a building, bridge, substation, skyscraper – or any other construction.

With over 20 years’ experience and exceptional in-house expertise, we are the industry leader in every stage of waterproofing… including fast and efficient fault finding.

Comprehensive reporting for clear project pathways

Comprehensive reporting for clear project pathways

Danrae Group provides comprehensive reporting for every leak detection or fault-finding job. It includes targeted faults, moisture reading data and marked-up photos – for a clear and precise description of the issue – and best recommendations moving forward.

We can identify ideal products and procedures for an effective and permanent solution that fits your budget.

Go straight to the experts...

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