Darren Luce

Danrae - Darren Luce

Service Manager

Darren is Danrae’s Service Manager, so he’s responsible for smooth scheduling – to ensure teams, and budgets, run on track. As Danrae’s longest serving employee, he also has a wealth of experience and company knowledge.

Return to family

“I’ve been with Danrae a long time. I worked here for ten years, went to Mackay to live for a while and came back to the job when I returned. I’ve now been here another seven years. I’ve known the family for 41 years… and I remember when Dan and Renee were born. After so long, it does feel like you’re part of the family.”

Early and energised

Darren has a love of soccer, fishing and above all, family. And he also strives to be the best in everything he does. “I’m usually first up in the morning and I love getting started. I’m energised by challenges. And the work here is never mundane, which is great. Every day is something new and different.”

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