Drew Bunyan

Drew Bunyan

Trainee Waterproofer

Drew is Danrae’ newest employee and he’s enjoying every minute of it.

As a trainee, he has lots to learn – and he loves that.

‘I initially spent a couple of years as an army cadet, but I traded it in to spend more time with the family.

I then did the TAFE Bootcamp course, which was a good introduction to a whole range of trades. I really do love learning new things and I get the chance to do that here.”

New experiences

Outside work, some of Drew’s favourite things are fishing with his dad, gaming and playing soccer with the family.

And he wouldn’t mind skydiving one day. He also likes the thrill of being in new places with his job at Danrae. “I like standing on skyscraper rooftop or being in a tunnel or other environment we wouldn’t usually see.”

Proud professionalism

And the other thing that makes Drew happy is doing a job well. “Dad’s taught me a lot of things… how to be grateful, work hard. When I’ve completed a job and know that I’ve done it correctly and can feel proud of my work – that’s a good thing.”

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