Jason Bootes

Jason Bootes

Remedial Waterproofing Tradesman

Jason has been with Danrae for three years. He started as a labourer, quickly completed his certification in waterproofing, and he now has a varied role that includes leak detection, waterproofing application and reporting.

“It’s always different. There’s so much involved, not just waterproofing, and that keeps it interesting.”

Mixing it up

Jason grew up wanting to be a radio DJ, and while he didn’t mix it up on the airwaves, he did in other places.

His diverse roles have included changing windscreens in Ireland, property maintenance in New Zealand, and three years of boat building. “I enjoy learning and developing, and Danrae is also a great place to gain new skills.”

Keeping it fresh

Jason also loves that his work at Danrae takes him into new areas – from underground metro systems to hospital MRI rooms to skyscraper rooftops. “I like that the projects put you in interesting spaces and I care about the work I do. I want to take pride in my work.”

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