Ron Caruana

Ron Caruna

Founder and Project Manager

Ron founded Danrae in 1996 with wife, Lillian, and he now works across several areas of the business including estimation and project management.

When Daniel filled the role of CEO, Ron was able to step back from the management side a little and focus on what he enjoys – overseeing client projects and providing fantastic waterproofing solutions. “I love being hands-on, I get enjoyment from solving issues… and I’m a perfectionist,” and every waterproofing job gets Ron’s seal of approval.

Trading trades

Ron initially studied electrical engineering but decided not to pursue it and to become an electrician instead. In his 11 years in the industry, he worked on everything from private homes to high rise… and the Sydney Opera House. Then he came across waterproofing. “I worked at it for a little while and there were only about four companies around in those days. I decided to step out and start my own business.”

And it’s that same yearning for a challenge that keeps him going today. “I really enjoy a problem – and the process of finding a solution. And I also love stepping into new areas like we’ve done with strata, civil and construction projects.”

Keeping it fresh

Like Daniel, Ron likes to keep learning. “I like to keep up to date with what’s happening in the industry around the world. I’ve added qualifications in business management, and I’ve done additional waterproofing training in England.”

Ron also passes on everything he’s learnt over the years. “I used to feel intimidated by architects and engineers, but I now know that after working so long in an area, you become the expert. I conduct training events for Australian industry certifiers, local government and building consultants, and for organisations including HIA Insurance and ACRA (Australasian Concrete Repair Association). I also love teaching our trainees.”

Family in the frame

One thing that Ron loves is how Danrae has evolved into a true family business over the years “‘Lil’s been with me from the start overseeing accounts. And now with Dan, Renee and Wayne here, it’s even more enjoyable because the whole family is involved. It keeps me going.”

Another thing that keeps Ron going is the satisfaction of helping clients. “I learned at a young age that there’s no point in stressing about a problem. I’d rather use that energy to sit down and solve it. And I think what sets us apart from other companies is that we really care for our clients. I put myself in their shoes. And when we find a solution, especially for a long-lasting issue that others haven’t been able to fix, it’s great.”

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