St. Vincent’s Hospital Clinic

St. Vincent's Hospital Clinic

Approximate value: $160,000

This project was conducted directly for the St. Vincent’s Hospital clinic and was a challenge. This roof was leaking over the MRI theatre which contained highly sensitive and expensive equipment. What made the job even more challenging was that there was big river pebbles on the roof, which had to be moved first to even see the membrane.

Danrae was contracted to manage the removal of the existing pebbled roof and existing membrane, and install a new PVC roof membrane. This project involved a lot of programming whereby Danrae had to coordinate between the crane company to lift the existing machinery to install the new membrane under, plus coordinate with the air conditioning installers to ensure all the existing equipment was functioning correctly. To also top it all off there was a restricted area which housed exhaust pipes, which could potentially release toxic gasses if an emergency was to occur, so all staff had to work with a full breathing apparatus in this area.

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