Tom Choueiki

Danrae - Tom Choueiki

Warehouse and Purchasing Manager

Tom is Danrae’s Warehouse and Purchasing Manager, so he keeps on top of all warehouse needs.

He also works with the project managers to ensure all equipment and products are on hand for every job, and is a great teacher and mentor to the students who complete work experience with Danrae.

Changing focus

Like a few of Danrae’s staff, Tom began his career in a completely different field.

“I worked in financial services for a number of years, but I really wasn’t keen on sitting in an office all day. I then moved to warehouses and ultimately management roles – and that’s where I found my niche. I like using my hands, getting out of the office – and being able to chat and get to know the clients.”

Beyond the square

Outside work, Tom loves spending time outdoors with the family – at the beach, travelling or firing up the barbecue. “I generally wake up energetic and positive, but one thing that keeps me energised is variety. And I get that here. I’m never doing the same thing. I love that every day is different.”

A supportive environment

Tom has been with Danrae for just over a year – and loves the family atmosphere. “I can legitimately say this is the best place I’ve worked. We have group meetings to share information and work together on any issues. It’s a really supportive environment – and a great place to learn. I’ve learnt so much about waterproofing, and if I feel I need training in any other areas, Dan is always there and ready to help.”

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