Wayne Spiteri

Wayne Spiteri

Sales Director

Wayne is Sales Director for Danrae, and his role involves estimating and overseeing client relations.

“I love solving client problems – and thinking outside the box. Every job we do is completely different, especially in remedial. And I like that challenge.”

Shifting ground

Wayne began his career as an electrical apprentice with Stowe, and was with them for 11 years before joining the Danrae team.

He changed direction and made the move to Danrae about fifteen years ago. Like Daniel, he learnt waterproofing from the ground up. “I remember our first day waterproofing in Canberra. It was so cold when we went to find water that the tap had frozen!”

Wayne wasn’t afraid to start again from scratch. “Building a career from an apprenticeship you do appreciate that authority comes with experience, and after lots of hard work.” He’s since added to his skills with qualifications in building and project management.

From soccer to strata

“I love soccer and played for a lot of years – from age 8 to 32. I used to play with (Australian soccer star) Harry Kewell.” Strategy and teamwork are two soccer attributes that Wayne now uses every day at Danrae. “I look at everything as a process and I like to systemise.”

After looking after Danrae’s first strata client, Raine & Horne, Wayne realised the need for quality waterproofing in strata – and he worked on a plan to provide it. “We started by allocating one or two guys to work on strata … now we have 40 strata companies and around 600 strata projects a year.”

Family and focus

Wayne loves spending time with family, staying fit and healthy – and making the most of every day. “It’s about quality of time. And that’s at work, too. There’s no point in doing things more than once. We make sure that when we work on something, it’s done right – and always delivered as promised.”

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