Zach Smith

Zach Smith

Remedial Waterproofing Tradesman

Zac is a waterproofer from Leicester, England, and he loves Sydney and working at Danrae. “I do all sorts of waterproofing but I specialise in torch-on membrane.  I learnt everything about it while I was a roofer in England for ten years. You use a blow torch and it’s harder than it looks, plus there’s a lot of detail involved. I’m passionate about torch-on… and about doing every job as you’d like it done in your own home.”

Soccer and socialising

Zac loves socialising and soccer (“It’s just called football!). And he’s enjoying the family feel at Danrae.

“They’re the best people I’ve worked for. They’ve been really supportive, and it’s a good atmosphere. I love being passionate about my work and taking pride in it… and I definitely do that here.”

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