Waterproofing and remediation for storm-damaged properties

Remediation for Storm-Damaged Properties

Torrential rains and wild storms over the last few months have left many households reeling – and one area often severely tested is waterproofing. Danrae Group provides end to end waterproofing diagnostic, design and remediation. So, after the storm, we have the expertise to identify and treat the issue… and the experts on hand to rebuild.

Wayne Spiteri is Danrae Group’s Sales Director and his role involves estimating for new projects. “A lot of the time when people find a leak, they aren’t sure what the exact issue is. They’ll usually call a plumber, and the plumber will advise them to call a waterproofer.

Generally, if you notice a leak or damage after a storm or heavy rain… it’s going to be a waterproofing issue.”

Diagnosis and testing

Diagnosis and testing

When Danrae Group’s strata, luxury home and commercial clients request assistance after a storm, the first step is diagnostic. “Clients might have leaks or water damage, but we need to find the exact cause,” advises Wayne. “We’ll inspect the site and unless the problem is blatantly obvious, conduct full testing.

We send out technicians to conduct the testing and they compile a report with recommendations. We then send that to the client with a full quote.”

The Danrae Group team members have years of collective experience – and are fast-response. We understand that even relatively minor storm damage may impact business owners, staff or strata tenants, so we ensure the process from storm to solution is swift.

Uncovering hidden issues

Uncovering hidden issues

Aside from obvious breaks or holes, Danrae Group finds storm-affected waterproofing has one thing in common; it’s often a pre-existing condition… revealed when torrential rain or wild weather hits.

Common problems include leaking balconies, leaking rooftops – particularly flat roofs – and drains blocked with leaves or debris. “We also frequently respond to issues with cavity flashing,” Wayne says. “There needs to be an escape route within walls for any water that penetrates into the wall. When you have poor or deteriorated cavity flashing, there’s going to be a problem.

We’ll also discover concrete cancer or concrete spalling,adds Wayne. “They are long-term issues caused by lack of maintenance… that can come to light after a storm.”

Extensive remediation… and a pristine repair

Extensive remediation

Danrae Group’s comprehensive remediation services ensure we can treat any problem. We’ll provide you with a quality waterproofing solution, rebuild the area and leave it in pristine condition. Our remediation services are extensive and include:

  • Balcony repairs
  • Leaking carpark repairs
  • Crack repair injection – we inject a polyurethane material under high pressure to seal concrete cracks
  • Cavity flashing
  • Negative membrane installations – where membranes are applied to the interior walls or subsurface – often used in lower basement carparks
  • Planter box repairs
  • Remedies for leaking expansion joints – to allow for movement and ensure integrity of membrane is maintained
  • Leaking lift pit repairs – we apply a hydrostatic membrane to the interior of the lift shaft; ideal for lift companies such as Kone and Schindler
  • Concrete spalling and concrete cancer remedies

Expertise on hand

Danrae Group clients appreciate not just our first-class waterproofing repairs… but that we’re a one stop shop. We project manage every job from quote to completion. And that means we oversee and control every aspect of the work for optimum quality.

Our team members are certified to work with every type of membrane, are height safety trained – and we have multiple trades in-house… including building, tiling and electrical.

When we need additional experts – such as abseilers for exterior work on high-rise strata – we call on a dedicated team of specialist contractors. By controlling every aspect and every stage of the job, we can bring in projects on time… and on budget.


Storm-proofing with preventative maintenance

Reactive responses to waterproofing – such as calling after a storm – are common. But one of the better ways to ensure the integrity and value of your property, is to think proactively.

Property owners and strata managers can better control the issues that storms uncover – from blocked drains to concrete cancer – with preventative maintenance.

After every waterproofing project, we provide an option of ongoing waterproofing maintenance… and it has multiple benefits.

It’ll help your waterproofing solution hold out during a storm, and very importantly, ensure your warranty is maintained.

Danrae Group lives and breathes waterproofing, so if you have anything from a leaking planter box to a flooded basement, get in touch for a seamless – and superior – waterproofing solution. Read more waterproofing maintenance articles.

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