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Founded in 1976, Sika Australia is part of global leader, the Sika Group, which has been supplying construction and industry products for over 100 years.

With a focus on technology, Sika Australia is known for quality, cutting-edge products for the repair, protection, construction and sealing of all types of buildings.

We regularly use a range of Sika waterproofing products including Sarnafil, Sikaproof A, Index and Carbodur for our strata, construction, civil, commercial and government projects. Sika products are a favourite amongst contractors, architects, engineers, builders – and our team of waterproofers and trades specialists.

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Complete Systems and Solutions

Sika is the global technology and market leader in specialty chemicals for construction and industry, providing complete systems and problem solutions.

It’s the ideal partner for our advanced solution design, remediation, waterproofing and ongoing preventative maintenance.

With Sika, our clients can expect exceptional quality and a wide range of systems and products for permanent waterproofing solutions.

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At Danrae Group, we frequently use Sika waterproofing PVC membranes such as Sarnafil G410 for flat roof projects in strata and commercial properties. Sika’s heavy-duty membranes can withstand extremes in climate and adverse weather conditions, and we can use a variety of configurations to meet any project.

Sika’s Sikalastic 590 Plus acrylic primer is ideal for new construction including flat roofs and commercial refurbishment projects. In 2020, we used Sikalastic 590 Plus for our major waterproofing project at Westmead Hospital, as part of it’s five-year redevelopment.

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Sarnafil G 410 – a multi-layer, PVC waterproofing membrane with a glass non-woven inlay. It contains ultraviolet light stabilisers, is hot-air weldable, formulated for direct exposure and designed for use in all global climatic conditions.

  • Proven performance over decades
  • Lacquer coated surface
  • Resistant to permanent UV exposure

Sikalastic 590 Plus – a polyurethane / polysiloxane modified acrylic roof membrane with excellent UV resistance and good crack bridging capability. It was developed in Australia to withstand harsh climate conditions and can also be applied as a protective coating.

  • Can withstand water ponding
  • UV resistant and resistant to yellowing and weathering
  • Highly elastic and crack-bridging

Sikaflex 11FC – moisture curing adhesive/sealant
Suitable for construction, adhesion on all cement based materials, bricks, ceramics, metals, woods, polyurethane (PU), epoxy and some polyesters

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At Danrae Group, we’ve been providing outstanding and comprehensive waterproofing solutions for decades. We choose quality brands like Sika for our waterproofing, remediation and ongoing preventative maintenance solutions across multiple industries.

With advanced knowledge of all brands, we make tailored recommendations to ensure you have the optimal waterproofing solution.

Please contact us if you need a premium waterproofing solution, from the waterproofing experts.


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