Danrae Group’s premium project management for Westmead Hospital

Premium Project Management for Westmead Hospital

For years, Danrae Group has been providing expert waterproofing solutions for construction, commercial, strata and government – including a long list of NSW hospitals.

We’ve designed and implemented waterproofing solutions for RPA, Concord, Campbelltown, Camden, Bowral, Marrickville, St Vincent’s… and now Westmead Hospital.

Wayne Spiteri, Danrae Group’s Sales Director, says it’s one of the team’s larger jobs to date. “IKEA in Tempe (Sydney) was bigger – but it is still a very large project… involving around 5,500 square kilometres of waterproofing membrane.”

And it’s given Danrae Group the chance to showcase not just superior solution design and waterproofing… but expert end to end project management.

Westmead Hospital premium project

A premium project

Westmead Hospital is in the midst of a major five-year redevelopment with more than 30 per cent of clinical areas at the hospital in line for refurbishment.

Danrae Group has been working at the hospital since October, preparing and laying waterproofing membrane to a hospital building roof using Sika products.

“We’re primarily using Sika Sarnafill and G410 20L PVC sheet membranes,” explains Wayne.

“We have a team of six to eight on site at a time, and we’ve contracted labourers to help us with tasks like rolling and gluing sheets and moving materials into place.”

And that ensures the team has more time for the primary waterproofing tasks. As Wayne says, “We use our skilled staff for the high detail work, which includes hand welding, the installation of walkway pads and application of liquid membrane in some areas.”

Managing expertise

Managing expertise

Danrae Group has an extensive in-house team of waterproofing experts and tradespeople and a small group of specialists on hand – so managing every aspect of the project is second nature. We project manage every job end to end to ensure quality control and that the project comes in on time… and on budget.

“As it was such a large area, we had a head contractor on site permanently,” explains Wayne. “It made it quite easy to plan the work properly and coordinate the entire team.

In addition to our waterproofers and builders, we needed to organise cranes to haul materials, an electrician to install temporary power, fire safety technicians to relocate fire sprinklers and height safety experts to secure the location and install railings.” Given Danrae Group’s waterproofers frequently work at heights for strata and construction projects, they were already height safety trained.

A safe and secure atrium

A safe and secure atrium

In addition to the main roof of Westmead Hospital, Danrae Group has completed waterproofing and remediation for the entrance atrium of the dental building which was in the process of refurbishment.

“The building had 20 to 30 glass panels that were damaged and starting to crack with the potential to shift,” says Wayne“We first had to ‘make safe’ the area by removing the existing glass panels. We then replaced the panels with timber and applied a waterproofing membrane.”

There were a number of additional remediation components. “After the waterproofing membrane, we installed a false roof to hide the membrane,” Wayne continues. “We also oversaw the installation of lighting, air-conditioning and fire sprinklers in the atrium.

A comprehensive and complete solution

A comprehensive and complete solution

The Westmead Hospital project has involved a fantastic collaborative team effort and expert project management – and Danrae Group is now in the final weeks.

“The job has progressed very well, and we hope to organise our practical completion walkthrough this week,” says Wayne.

This stage of a project involves walking the clients through the entire project area.

“We check for any minor defects, and hand over all operational manuals, warranties and certificates. We also bring the supplier representative in for a final check before they provide the materials warranty.” The final stage involves rectifying any minor defects – and presenting to the client an optional preventative maintenance plan.

Waterproofing long-term

Waterproofing long-term

Danrae Group’s preventative maintenance service ensures that every quality waterproofing solution continues. Preventative maintenance preserves the structural integrity of the waterproofing membrane and helps ensure the warranty is maintained. It’s the smartest way to protect your waterproofing – and ensure it’s a long-term solution.

While we’re very experienced with hospital, strata and construction waterproofing, Danrae Group also looks after smaller commercial projects and luxury homes. And whatever sized project, we oversee every element for optimal quality.

So, contact us for a comprehensive waterproofing solution – and unparalleled expertise in solution design, remediation and project management. Read more about our waterproofing experts.

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