Basement waterproofing solutions – and the signs you have a problem

Flooding Car Basement

The Danrae Group team frequently respond to issues with basement waterproofing that range from minor leaks to extensive concrete cancer.

It’s not uncommon for environmental issues or ineffective waterproofing design to impact waterproofing – and inadequate maintenance is a significant factor.

For construction and strata managers, understanding effective waterproofing for basement walls and floors – including installation, maintenance, and repair – will help you identify current or potential issues… and understand how best to monitor and maintain quality waterproofing solutions.

Sewer Backflow

The importance of effective basement waterproofing

Given their position below ground level, basements are typically cool, damp and prone to water seepage from the surrounding earth.

Any seepage, however small, may result in damage to basement walls, floors, and building foundations.

If left untreated, leaks and other issues will always worsen – meaning more costly repairs, potential health issues for tenants (if significant mould) and a long-term impact on property value.

There are some temporary solutions for basements such as the use of sump pumps to remove flooded areas, waterproof paint or a dehumidifier to alleviate excessive moisture. These are stopgap solutions however, that in isolation are ineffective for efficient, long-lasting basement waterproofing. We do not recommend concrete additives as there is the potential for cracks to develop with usage.

Yellow wall with rust stains

Signs you have a problem

Not all leaks are obvious – and there are several indicators to look out for in basements.

Rust stains on walls or metal surfaces, mould, flaking paint, wet or rotting wooden beams or stained and discoloured floors are all potential signs of water absorption.

Efflorescence is also common. It’s a mineral deposit build-up that affects materials such as brick, concrete or clay tiles when water seeps into the material – and it generally looks like a white, powdery build up on the surface of the wall.

Finally, cracks may indicate a major problem. There are generally two types of wall cracks that occur in basements. Vertical cracks are common in walls and often appear with age, however, they may also be a sign of moisture. Horizontal cracks usually appear when there is pressure against a wall. A horizontal crack often indicates a serious problem – and you need to address it urgently.

Durable and Flexible

Our basement waterproofing solutions

Basements are what we would generally consider a high-risk area, so at Danrae Group, we always use a sheet membrane, and a “blinding” membrane from one of our preferred brands, such as Sikaproof A+, Preprufe or Proofex Engage.

These membranes are ideal for reinforced concrete basements and other below-ground structures including retaining walls, tunnels and lift shafts.

They are highly durable and flexible with crack bridging ability and no lateral water underflow – so they will help preserve waterproofing integrity for many years to come.

Danrae Group stands apart from other waterproofers with our in-house expertise that covers end to end project management across solution design, remediation, and preventative maintenance. We look after every requirement ranging from crane hire to council permits, and for strata buildings that includes all tenant communication – so any waterproofing projects have minimal impact in your premises.

A Maintenance Plan to Suit

Maintaining effective basement waterproofing

One very important aspect of quality waterproofing – whether it’s for new construction or emergency repair – is preventative maintenance.

Preventative maintenance preserves the structural integrity of your waterproofing membrane and it has several on flow benefits… including warranty maintenance.

Keep a membrane in top shape and a supplier will often extend a warranty, sometimes by years. Conversely, a supplier may void a warranty if disregard leads to damage.

Preventative maintenance of course also ensures that any waterproofing solution lasts… and that potential problems are picked up and treated before they escalate.

Danrae Groups offers preventative maintenance to all our clients – and we can tailor a maintenance plan to suit.

Danrae Group is the waterproofing expert for construction, government, commercial – and strata. So get in touch if you have any signs of leaks or moisture, and we’ll ensure a fast-response and first-class basement waterproofing solution.

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