Failing building? Superior waterproofing solutions

Superior Waterproofing Solutions

Apartment blocks have been in the news over the last couple of years – and not in a good way. Major faults have led to major fails. Issues have included flammable cladding, concrete cancer, faulty fire protection and water damage leading to concrete spalling. But strata owners and managers can expect exceptional and long-lasting waterproofing solutions… with the right expertise in waterproofing diagnostic, design and remediation.

Ron Caruana, Founder of Danrae Group and a waterproofer with over 20 years of experience, stresses that planning at the initial stages is the soundest option. “When you can create a waterproofing design for a specific environment, choose premier products and install carefully and efficiently, then you can expect longevity, and the flexibility to rectify the situation if something does go wrong further down the track.”

For apartment owners with shoddy waterproofing in place, there are also options however – if you have a waterproofing professional with the expertise and skills in every stage of leak detection, repair and rebuild.

Natural Versus Premature Faults

Natural versus premature faults

With decades of experience, Ron understands the specifics of waterproofing faults – why they occur, what to look out for, how to rectify… and how to prevent them from reoccurring.

“Generally, there will be two types of faults in apartment buildings. On the one hand, waterproofing membranes naturally age so at some point they will reach their use-by date. The other faults are the result of human error, and this might be from poor material choice or if builders or tradesmen have rushed trying to meet strict deadlines during construction.”

Stata managers can expect improved membrane lifespan with the right product selection, expert installation, and regular preventative maintenance … which has other benefits in terms of cost-effectiveness and sometimes extended warranties. A premature fault due to error on the other hand may void a warranty, and it can be costly to rectify.

Human Error In Building An Apartment

So what can go wrong?

According to Ron, human error is most likely to happen when apartment buildings are put up very quickly.

“When builders and tradesmen are given tight deadlines, there will be multiple material processes happening at once,” says Ron. And when you rush processes, disaster can strike.

“Different products like concrete, brick, mortar, all have different curing times,” explains Ron. “When products are laid down on top of each other too quickly, there’s a clash with the curing times which can lead to movement… and product failure.’

The implication of this might be anything from a building leak to the breakdown of an expensive membrane very quickly… or if left undetected, major issues like concrete spalling or concrete cancer.

Product Selection – For Maximum Life Expectancy

Product selection – for maximum life expectancy

Ron stresses to clients including strata managers that product selection is critical.

Every product needs to suit the property, purpose and environment. “We’ve found buildings with faults purely because people have used the wrong products,” explains Ron.

Where possible, Ron believes customers should select premium products, which last longer and are substantially more cost-effective. “To do a repair you need to remove the existing membrane, lay down a new one and complete any remedial building such as carpentry or tiling. It can be very expensive. And if you don’t have the right product, you may need to do it all again in 10 years.”

Ron continues, “A cheap product might last 10 to 15 years. A quality PVC membrane might be a third more expensive but last up to 60 years, so there are incredible benefits long-term.”

Educating Strata Managers

Educating strata managers

One strand of Danrae’s expertise involves education. Strata managers aren’t waterproofers so of course won’t have the industry knowledge on product and process selection.

“We conduct workshops for strata managers, body corporates and consultants who aren’t fluent in what’s available,” states Ron. “We can explain the benefits and pitfalls of the right – and wrong – choices.”

It’s important to remember too that one small problem, if left untreated, can lead to major issues, stay with strata history and directly impact building value down the track. And that’s why Danrae also provides speedy and efficient strata waterproofing and remediation solutions… and guarantees quality so every solution is permanent.

Premium Process For Permanent Solutions

Premium process for permanent solutions

Danrae waterproofers are trained and certified in every waterproofing technique – including liquid, PVC, TPO, peel and stick and injection membranes. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we help strata managers and apartment owners find the best options for permanent solutions.

We also focus on end to end solutions that include comprehensive project management. With extensive experience in strata, we know that one problem can affect multiple tenants so it needs fast response and minimal disruption.

We liaise with all affected tenants, issue building notices – and work fast and carefully to ensure completion of the project without hassle. Once we’re done, we provide ongoing maintenance plans for every project.

Danrae is fully accredited and compliant with all industry standards, and we provide a warranty on completion of every project. Contact us for premium waterproofing solutions for your strata property..

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Failing building? Superior waterproofing solutions

Apartment blocks have been in the news over the last couple of years – and not in a good way. Major faults have led to major fails. But with the right expertise in waterproofing diagnostic, design and remediation, strata owners and managers can expect exceptional and long-lasting waterproofing solutions.

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