How compliant waterproofing can save you thousands

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With years of experience in comprehensive waterproofing, Danrae Group implicitly understands compliant waterproofing and industry standards across strata, construction, civil, commercial and government sectors.

We adhere to the Building Code of Australia (BCA) to ensure our waterproofing is consistently safe and of the highest standard.

And we pride ourselves on our expert waterproofing solutions, thanks to a fully qualified and certified team, proven processes and complete capability across diagnostics, solution design, remediation and preventative maintenance.

While compliant waterproofing is essential to ensure you have a first-class result, there’s another benefit. Compliant waterproofing can save every property owner and manager thousands. Here’s how.

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Stopping issues before they escalate

No waterproofing issue will ever rectify itself, and it will always worsen. It’s important to realise too that a seemingly small issue – such as flaking paint – is often a sign of something much larger. Our team regularly provides remediation for issues such as concrete spalling and cancer … that started with the tiniest leak.

We understand that you may have other things that take priority, or that you may not want to spend the money on what seems like something quite minor. Ignoring the signs or opting for a band-aid solution will have consequences, however.

Any problem left untreated or with makeshift repairs will need a costlier fix the longer you leave it. Choosing to put off waterproofing repairs will in most cases lead to significant building faults that can require extensive and costly remediation.

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Ensuring your waterproofing lasts

Danrae Group is fast-response, flexible and committed to the best solution for every customer, which is why we provide tailored waterproofing design, oversee end-to-end project management, and plan long-term with ongoing preventative maintenance.

If a waterproofing contractor promises a quick fix, it’s likely you won’t be getting a compliant solution, and that means wasted money.

Consider a waterproofing membrane. A shoddy operator might install quickly at a bargain price, but shoddy work means you will need to outlay that full amount again in a few short years.

When our team carefully installs a membrane, provides high quality remediation and maintains site quality with preventative maintenance, your membrane will last just as intended, sometimes 30 or 40 years.

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Preserving property value

Compliant waterproofing is important to help maintain the structural integrity of your property and its value.

As one example, strata managers must notify insurance providers after any building works are completed on an apartment building. Any building work or damage also stays with strata history, which may impact property value in the future. It’s a good incentive to seek waterproofing expertise as soon as you notice a leak, excessive moisture or any other issue.

Please contact us for comprehensive and compliant waterproofing solutions… from the waterproofing experts.

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