Fatra Waterproofing

Fatra brand

Fatra is a leading name in structural and flat roof waterproofing and a specialist in insulated PVC membrane systems.

Established in the Czech Republic in 1939, Fatra’s global operations now span 50 countries, and it distributes over 13,000,000m2 of PVC sheet membranes annually.

Fatra waterproofing products are recognised internationally for their quality, durability and sustainability – with a wide range of recyclable membranes and green roofing solutions.

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Integrated Waterproofing Solutions

At Danrae Group, we work with a variety of Fatra membranes and integrated systems for our waterproofing and remediation solutions.

Fatra waterproofing solutions for roofs include Fatra Single Ply Membranes, Fatra Liquid Applied Waterproofing System and Fatra Two Layer Felt.

With Fatra, our clients across strata, construction, civil, commercial and government can expect high quality and permanent waterproofing solutions.

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Flexibility and Performance

The Danrae Group team opts for Fatra waterproofing products due to their flexibility and high performance. We also love that Fatrafol waterproofing membranes are 100% recyclable.

Fatrafol 810v is a reinforced PVC membrane that can withstand very high winds, so it’s ideal for exposed areas such as flat roofs or balconies. We opt for Fatrafol 807, a bitumen refurb PVC membrane that we can install directly on top of a failed membrane or a variety of build ups, saving time and remediation costs.

And Fatrafol 807v is a fleece back PVC membrane which we regularly use in conjunction with Fatra insulated roofing systems. It’s ideal for new construction where we need to bond it directly to concrete or timber substrates.

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Product Showcase

Fatrafol 810v – PVC-P roofing membrane reinforced with a polyester mesh, designed for single ply coverings of flat roofs.

  • High degree of UV resistance and weatherability
  • Fire resistance B ROOF (t3)
  • Can also be used for ballasted roofs
  • Not compatible with bitumen; protection layer required

Fatrafol 807 – PVC-P based membrane with underlying layer of PES textile ideal for redevelopment of old asphalt ply coverings of flat roofs.

  • UV resistance and resistant to weatherability
  • Adds thermal insulation
  • One edge without non-woven textile to enable longitudinal connection of band

Fatrafol 807v – Fleece back PVC sheet membrane which can be fully adhered directly to the substrate without any primers or extensive preparation.

  • UV resistance and resistant to weatherability
  • Adds thermal insulation
  • One edge without non-woven textile to enable longitudinal connection of band
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Expert Fatra Waterproofing

At Danrae Group, we choose Fatra waterproofing products to help us deliver highest quality waterproofing solutions for every project.

Our team is one of the few in the industry that is trained and certified to use every type and brand of membrane. We have full capability spanning diagnostic, solution design, remediation, waterproofing and preventative maintenance. And we look after end-to-end project management.

If you need an expert and permanent waterproofing solution for your property or project, please contact us.

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