Why Danrae Group is the first choice for large scale waterproofing projects

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Danrae Group consistently delivers expert waterproofing for new construction, civil, commercial, government and strata. Our clients value our expertise in leak detection, solution design, remediation, waterproofing and preventative maintenance. And our first-class project management… brings it all together.

With full capability to manage every stage of a project from concept to completion, we remove the need to hire multiple contractors, avoid conflicting schedules – and ensure seamless waterproofing solutions for every customer.

For strata managers, it means we even handle communication with tenants, councils and crane contractors. We aim to make it as easy as possible for you with a high quality and comprehensive waterproofing solution.

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Waterproofing expertise and knowledge

Danrae Group has worked on hundreds of apartment buildings, and we’ve seen every potential strata issue, from storm damage to advanced concrete cancer.

We also work across all areas of commercial properties including flat roofs, balconies, basements and planter boxes.

Unlike many other waterproofers, our team is fully qualified and certified to work in every type of membrane – including liquid, PVC, TPO, peel and stick, and torch applied products – and we have carpenters, builders, tilers, electricians, plumbers and other tradespeople at hand.

With in-house expertise and a vast knowledge of waterproofing techniques and strata requirements, we’re perfectly placed to handle every aspect of waterproofing project management.

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Project design and remediation

So what does our project management cover? If you’ve discovered signs of water damage, we start with leak detection using the latest technology, such as infrared cameras, moisture meters and membrane fault finding devices. Our waterproofers will design a superior solution and recommend the best membrane for location and environment. We also provide full remediation.

Our first step may be to remove rubbish, pebbles, air-conditioning units or anything else needed to clear the site. We prepare the substrate and lay the membrane, which depending on the project, may be above or below a concrete screed and between insulation and floor coverings.

We conduct thorough testing to make sure every weld or join is watertight and your waterproofing is 100% sound.

We rebuild and replace floor coverings and surfaces – including tiling, cementing, paving and carpentry – to leave your site as new and in pristine condition.

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Comprehensive project management

While solution design and membrane installation is a process common across projects, we tailor the exact waterproofing solution to every customer. Project management requirements vary, based on the type and size of property.

High-rise apartments, for instance, can pose unique challenges with access. We often need to hire high-reach cranes to lift materials into position and organise council permits for road closures. We’ve even hired and directed abseilers to carry out our concrete cancer repairs on facades.

To help any project run smoothly, good communication is important, so we oversee communication with all stakeholders, including tenants. We focus on bringing in every waterproofing project with minimal disruption to your clients.

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Protecting your waterproofing

The final stage of our project involves walking you through the full project site. We check for minor defects and hand over all operational manuals, warranties and certificates. We then finalise any minor defects and present an optional preventative maintenance plan.

The best waterproofing may be impacted by external factors such as storms or accidental damage from other trades work. Drains can be blocked by leaves from overhanging trees or even dead birds.

With a preventative maintenance plan, we keep a check on your quality waterproofing to preserve the integrity of your membrane and the condition of your property. There are added benefits in terms of warranty maintenance, minimal repair costs… and the health and safety of tenants.

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Complete strata solutions

At Danrae Group, we believe that end-to-end project management is the most efficient way to provide strata managers and apartment owners with quality waterproofing solutions. And we deliver with a combination of experience and proven, robust processes.

It’s why we guarantee our quality – and hand every project over to you with full warranties.

So contact us if you need end-to-end project management and a first-class waterproofing solution for your strata property… from the waterproofing experts.

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