Danrae Group’s expert waterproofing tips for flat roofs

Every property in Sydney has its own unique set of challenges when it comes to roof waterproofing and flat roofs are no exception. When ensuring the protective shield over your head is up to the task of keeping the elements at bay, keep the following in mind:

  • Understand the challenges and solutions — Recognise that flat roofs are prone to water pooling. Utilise waterproofing techniques that address these unique challenges, ensuring the right solution for the local climate.
  • Choose appropriate waterproofing membranes — Select membranes that cater to flat roof characteristics such as torch-on bitumen sheet membranes. Consider factors like the Sydney weather and roof usage to pick a durable and effective waterproofing material.
  • Learn from real-life examples — Study successful roof waterproofing projects in Sydney, such as Danrae’s project completed in McMahons Point, to understand practical applications and results.
  • Prioritise preventative maintenance — Regular maintenance is key to preserving the effectiveness of flat roof waterproofing. In Sydney, where the weather can be harsh, routine checks can prevent major leaks and damages.
  • Opt for flexible waterproofing solutions — Understand that Sydney’s diverse property landscape requires versatile waterproofing strategies. Seek tailored solutions to fit different types of buildings and their specific needs.
Expert Waterproofing Tips For Flat Roofs

Although all these considerations seem a lot to handle by yourself, there’s an easier solution that can reliably handle your Sydney waterproofing needs with speed and quality. Danrae Group lives and breathes waterproofing, and we’ve been supplying superior strata, construction, civil, government and healthcare waterproofing solutions for decades.

As experts in waterproofing diagnostic, design and remediation, we know just how building design may impact waterproofing… and flat roofs are a prime example.

If you’re a homeowner, builder or strata manager, here’s our guide to superior waterproofing solutions – and maintenance – for your flat-roofed property.

DG-Flat Roofs

Flat roofs and waterproofing

Traditional sloped roofs have a distinct advantage when it comes to waterproofing – and it’s the obvious one. Water won’t slide off a flat roof so adequate drainage is crucial. Unfortunately, even with a well-designed flat roof, extreme weather such as we’ve been experiencing can cause water to pool in some sections.

There are two main issues when water pools: i) it may seep into the ceiling cavity causing structural damage or leaks into apartments or offices, and ii) it may hasten wear and tear on the existing waterproofing membrane.

Danrae Group creates waterproofing solutions with quality – and longevity – in mind. And because every design is bespoke, we can help ensure you have the best option for flat, sloped or any shaped roof.

DG-Waterproofing Solutions

Waterproofing solutions for flat roofs

The best waterproofing design will take into account the type of property, roof design and location. And at the core will be the right choice of membrane.

There are several varieties of waterproofing membrane including water-based, solvent-based (elastomeric), torch-on bitumen and elastomeric sheet – PVC, TPO, Butynol or Rubber.

Sheet membranes are flexible, durable, root-resistant and compatible with PVC fittings and downpipes.

And they’re UV stable and heat-reflective, which is another key consideration. Depending on the brand, sheet membranes may last up to 50 years and they’re easy to maintain… making them our preferred choice for flat roofs.

DG-PVC Membrane

A PVC membrane for McMahons Point

We recently installed a sheet membrane for a strata complex in McMahons Point. The manager called us in when he discovered the existing roof podium was leaking and in urgent need of remediation. And being an apartment block, it was likely to impact multiple tenants before too long.

Our team of expert waterproofers removed the existing membrane, exposing uneven falls in the concrete.

We cleaned and prepared the affected area and topped it with a levelling compound to correct the falls. We then primed it with adhesive and laid the Soprema Flagon PVC membrane.

Once we finalised the membrane installation, we tested all the roof areas with EFVM® (Electric Field Vector Mapping) which will detect any breach in the membrane. Danrae Group guarantees all of our work, and like all of our clients, this strata manager was more than happy with the result.

DG-Preventive Maintenace

Preventative maintenance for flat roofs

Danrae Group provides end to end waterproofing solutions – and that includes preventative maintenance. Once you have a top-quality waterproofing for your strata building or other property, you want it to last… and ongoing maintenance is the best way to do that.

Our preventative maintenance service involves visiting your property every 6 or 12 months, removing grit and leaves from drains and checking for any damage inflicted by storms, or even a mishap during other trades work.

And preventative maintenance isn’t just about ensuring your membrane longevity. Another major benefit concerns product warranty. Brands may void a warranty if you are neglectful in maintaining the membrane condition. Keep it in pristine shape however, and they may extend the warranty, sometimes by years.

DG-Flexible Waterproofing

Flexible waterproofing for any property

We find many of our clients – from strata to civil construction to luxury home owners – appreciate our expertise… and end to end service. Not only do we have decades of experience, we’re certified to lay every type of membrane and our services range from façade coating to concrete cancer repairs, planter box installation and repairs for basements, lift pits and retaining walls.

A big part of the Danrae Group solution is our people. We started as a family business and our expert team still provides the type of personal service family businesses are renowned for.

So if you have a flat roof with a leak or you are in need of a complete, quality waterproofing design with full workmanship warranty, contact our team for expert and responsive service. Read more about roof waterproofing and waterproofing techniques.

Keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in flat roof waterproofing is crucial, especially in a dynamic field like Sydney waterproofing. Here, we will provide insights into recent developments, case studies and expert opinions, helping readers stay informed about the best practices in roof waterproofing.

For more than twenty years, our company has leveraged extensive expertise in diagnosing, designing and fixing waterproofing issues. We offer specialised services to diverse sectors like Strata, Commercial, Government and Healthcare, providing bespoke solutions for each. We are also able to offer a lifetime guarantee on select exposed roof sheet membranes. To discover more about our Sydney waterproofing services and how they can protect your property from environmental damage, we invite you to reach out to us for a detailed consultation.

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