Why you always need to use a licenced waterproofer

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Danrae Group began as a small family business, and we’ve grown to become an industry leader, thanks to comprehensive capability and our dedicated in-house team of licenced waterproofers and trades specialists.

If you’re looking to contract a waterproofer or waterproofing company, you need to know that all waterproofers in NSW should be qualified and licenced to provide waterproofing for the strata, construction, civil, commercial and government sectors.

Licencing is one way to ensure that all waterproofing contractors have the necessary skills to provide you with a first-class waterproofing solution tailored to your property and location – and designed to last.

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About licenced waterproofers

In NSW, the Department of Fair Trading oversees waterproofing licencing for both contractors and supervisors.

There are three types of licences – a contractor’s licence which is available for individuals, companies and partnerships, a supervisor’s licence, and an endorsed contractor licence, which is essential for any supervisor who also wants to contract for work.

The Department of Fair Trading issues licences for one, three or five years and very importantly, licenced waterproofers can only conduct the type of work described on their certificates. As a waterproofer builds expertise and specialist skills, they can apply to add those categories to their licence.

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Qualifications for the right solution

Licencing is the best way to ensure you are contracting a waterproofing company that is qualified to perform the work you need, including diagnostic, solution design, waterproofing, remediation and preventative maintenance.

Licenced waterproofers need to have completed the relevant base training, which is either a Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing, a Certificate III in Waterproofing (General Construction) or a Certificate III in General Construction (Waterproofing).

These courses provide waterproofers with a broad overview of waterproofing issues and installation techniques – and having the qualification to do the job is vital.

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Expertise for every application

At Danrae Group, we provide comprehensive waterproofing solutions that include end-to-end project management. We’re also very proud to have an expert in-house team of licenced waterproofers and trades specialists.

We support every team member to build their capability as they build their career with us.

In additional to general waterproofing qualifications, waterproofers need training to work with particular brands. We have a skilled team qualified to work in every type of membrane, in every brand and in every technique, including torch-on bitumen.

It gives us full capability to provide tailored waterproofing solutions for every type of issue, from leaks to extensive concrete spalling.

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Commitment to every customer

We’ve all seen Sydney strata blocks in the news with major building defects – and the major impact these have had on tenants and property owners. To help both people and property, it’s essential to contract skilled, qualified and licenced waterproofers.

At Danrae Group, we frequently respond to issues that are the direct result of poor workmanship, or the wrong choice of waterproofing membrane.

We’re waterproofing experts, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality from diagnostic through to ongoing preventative maintenance to monitor quality at every stage.

If you have a new waterproofing issue, please contact us for first-class waterproofing from our skilled and licenced team.

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