Expert roof waterproofing for an Edgecliff owner’s corporation

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Every strata property needs a comprehensive waterproofing solution that includes basement, balcony, lift pit and roof waterproofing. One small leak, if left untreated, can have repercussions, as one of our Edgecliff clients discovered.

A class 2 residential building, this strata block had been plagued by ongoing leaks for a few years. Water ingress had damaged the existing roof membrane, caused concrete spalling in the lift motor room and impacted several apartments.

Danrae Group provides diagnostic, solution design, remediation and waterproofing, and to guarantee our workmanship, we project manage end-to-end. The result? An effective waterproofing fix and a very happy client.

Clear roofdeck of a building

A complete waterproofing fix

A strata block with about 50 residential units, this Edgecliff property needed a bespoke solution to fix several issues.

“The existing liquid membrane on top of the roof had passed its life expectancy,” explains Wayne Spiteri, Danrae Group Sales Manager, “and it was affecting several spaces.

We decided on a mechanically fixed base sheet membrane for the roof, we encapsulated the surrounding masonry walls with an elastomeric membrane, and we added perimeter capping around the hobs of the roof. We also installed new cavity flashing around the staircase walls and in the motor room that houses the lift equipment.”

The leaks had started to cause concrete spalling in the lift motor room – cracking, crumbling and degraded concrete that if left untreated, typically leads to concrete cancer.

Full project management

As the first stage of any project, the Danrae Group team prepared the area – removing debris or equipment if needed, and ensuring the space is safe for work.

“We installed some anchor points on the roof as a first step to keep the team safe,” explains Wayne. “We also had to decommission some of the air-conditioning ducting to get underneath it, then reinstate and recommission it at the end of the project.

We first had to grind down the existing polyurethane membrane. Generally, we prime and torch a membrane to an existing roof substrate, but because we couldn’t remove all of the existing membrane, we opted for the mechanical fix system as it provides good adhesion.

We layered the mechanical fix base sheet membrane, then a four-millimetre sheet membrane with a mineral chip top, applied using the torch-on method.”

The team also treated an existing roof handrail for rust and repainted it with suitable external paint.

Successful roof waterproofing solution

With in-house waterproofers and trades specialists, Danrae Group is equipped to handle every aspect of a waterproofing project, from diagnostic through solution design, waterproofing, remediation and preventative maintenance. A team of 14 completed the Edgecliff roof waterproofing in three months.

“We received very positive feedback,” says Wayne. “We ensured apartments, lift pits and all spaces were back in great shape, and the client was very pleased all round.”

Read more of our waterproofing case studies, and if you have a strata, commercial or government project in need of a holistic waterproofing solution, please contact us.


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