Waterproofing maintenance for strata managers – four reasons why it pays

Waterproofing Maintenance For Strata Managers

Many strata managers (and property owners) call Danrae Group only in an emergency. And it’s easy to see why.

Waterproofing issues such as concrete cancer or concrete spalling may lie hidden for long periods of time – and be very much ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

While you may not have given it much thought, preventative maintenance is a proactive approach that may have major benefits – and help you avoid common and costly problems associated with failing strata waterproofing.

Here are Danrae Group’s top four reasons why preventative maintenance should become part of your strata management plan.

Prevention To Maintain Quality

Prevention to maintain quality – and value

If you are managing a new apartment or have recently had major repairs, you will hopefully have a comprehensive waterproofing solution in place. And once you have first-class waterproofing for your strata building, you want it to last.

One way we help ensure the quality of our waterproofing is by using only premier products.

However, even with superior products and workmanship, it is possible for external factors to impact our work.

Potential issues include leaf-blocked drains, membrane damage from pecking birds and accidental damage from other building work. Wild weather may also be a culprit… and definitely one to consider when the weather is erratic.

Scheduled maintenance is one way to help keep a check on these sorts of issues – and protect your property value. Strata managers are responsible for reporting all major repairs, and that will stay with strata history and potentially impact building values.

Prevention To Protect Your Warranty

Prevention to protect your warranty

One major benefit of preventative maintenance – that many people aren’t aware of – concerns the conditions of your product warranty.

It’s not uncommon for suppliers to place particular conditions with their warranties and void it if you fail to look after your membrane.

While that may startle some, there is an upside. When you keep a membrane in top shape, suppliers may extend warranties… sometimes even by years.

Proper maintenance will help protect the properties of your membrane, too. Regular cleaning will help a PVC membrane retain its heat reflective properties. And it’s recommended to keep a check on the condition of the UV-protective granules in torch-on membranes – to ensure they continue to operate effectively to deflect UV rays.

Prevention To Keep Tenants Happy

Prevention to keep tenants happy – and healthy

As a strata manager, you no doubt understand that it’s imperative to keep tenants happy.

Waterproofing issues such as a leak in a ceiling, planter box or balcony, may impact multiple apartment owners – and in some cases lead to major damage (think carpets and electrical) and major disruption (when tenants need to vacate their homes).

There’s also the health of your tenants to consider. Failing waterproofing membranes due to damage or incorrect installation, may allow water to penetrate leading to mould. Mould carries tiny particles called spores, which if inhaled, may cause issues ranging from irritated eyes to – less frequently – lung infections. For asthma sufferers, spores may also trigger attacks.

Prioritising maintenance is one way to protect both property – and people.

Prevention To Minimise Costly Repairs

Prevention to minimise costly repairs

Water damage in strata buildings may range in shape and scale… from minor leaks to major efflorescence. And while the type may vary, the end result can often be the same.

Waterproofing issues will worsen if left undiagnosed and untreated. And the larger the problem, the more it’s going to cost to rectify. The issue is that it may extend beyond repairing a waterproofing membrane (which is an expensive material) to both internal and external structural repair and remediation.

Extensive concrete cancer, for instance, will likely take several days to repair. Full remediation might include rubbish removal and site clean-up, laying and sealing a new membrane, tiling, carpentry, electrical and other trades work. We may need to hire cranes, organise council permits for street closures and even hire specialist professionals like abseilers to work on a building façade. (Yes, it’s happened.)

What Does Prevention Involve

So, what does prevention involve?

Prevention is the smartest way to protect your waterproofing – and ensure it’s a long-term solution. We offer preventative maintenance on our projects and on your existing waterproofing. And we can create a tailored maintenance plan to suit.

Maintenance might involve a six-monthly or annual check, depending on the site. And when we visit, we’ll check drains, membrane condition, seals and welds.

We photograph the site and create a comprehensive report for customers. If we do find something that needs an urgent fix, we can also do it on the spot.

Danrae Group has been providing exceptional waterproofing for decades – so we know what to look out for, to help ensure your waterproofing performs just as it should.

Protecting Your Property With Danrae Group

Protecting your property with Danrae Group

Danrae Group is the leader in quality waterproofing solutions. We work with strata, government, construction and commercial clients to create comprehensive waterproofing solutions that will last the distance. We also manage projects end to end, which includes taking the lead on all communication with all stakeholders. We organise council permits, issue building notices and liaise with all tenants.

We’ve seen every possible strata issue, from leaking planter boxes to leaking basements, concrete spalling and concrete cancer. And we know how to provide long-lasting solutions with minimal disruption.

To protect your waterproofing – and your property – contact us to organise a preventative maintenance plan. Read more waterproofing maintenance articles.

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