Latest news in NSW strata waterproofing reforms

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As we’ve previously reported, the NSW Building Commission is overseeing new reforms to strengthen industry standards. In line with new legislation, the reforms include stringent new procedures and an updated registration scheme for all contractors working across new construction, commercial and strata waterproofing.

At Danrae Group, we provide expert leak detection, solution design, waterproofing, remediation and preventative maintenance – and we believe the reforms are a welcome addition to help ensure safe, compliant and quality waterproofing.

Rolling out in stages, the latest changes apply to the design process for Class 2 residential buildings including multi-unit, multi-storey strata properties. Here’s what you need to know.

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A response to strata defects

In September 2020, the NSW government introduced the Residential Apartment Buildings – Compliance and Enforcement Powers Act (RAB Act), following on from the Design and Building Practitioners Act (D&BP Act), passed three months earlier.

These two key pieces of legislation form the basis of changes to the building industry, and they are in direct response to the very public strata defects issue we’ve seen in Sydney over the past decade.

The government believes the reforms will help build a better regulatory framework, improve ratings systems and build industry skills and capability.

The new regulation significantly increases accountability for industry players – something the Danrae team believes is long overdue.

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The most recent building reforms

On 1 July 2021, the NSW government introduced further changes to the residential building industry in a bid to restore consumer confidence.

There are several aspects to the most recent reforms, including new processes in the design phase, new compliance requirements and two new registration schemes for class 2-related work: one for engineers and one for designers and builders.

The changes stipulate that all designs prepared for a ‘building element’ of ‘building work’ on Class 2 buildings need to be declared compliant BCA and lodged with the NSW Planning Portal before you can start work. Practitioners also need to rectify any design issues prior to construction.

Building work refers to the construction, alteration or addition, or the repair, renovation or protective treatment of a class 2 building. Building elements include fire safety systems, building structure, building enclosures, buildings services… and, of course, waterproofing.

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Expert strata waterproofing

The building industry reforms mean all those who work on new construction, including waterproofers, must be certified, skilled and knowledgeable across multiple industry standards.

At Danrae Group, we’ve been providing exceptional waterproofing solutions for our customers for decades, and we’re already equipped to meet all building reforms thanks to our leading team and expertise across strata, construction, civil, commercial and government projects.

Please contact us to help protect your property with a quality waterproofing solution. Read more articles about waterproofing experts.

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