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Danrae Group Planter Boxes

With our dedicated team of waterproofing experts, Danrae Group knows the ins and outs of waterproofing from leak detection to solution design and remediation. We’re qualified to lay every membrane – and deal with every issue. And that means we can even help you with the waterproofing, repair and maintenance of your planter boxes.

For apartment owners and strata managers, a leaking planter box may appear a minor issue… but like any leak, it can cause major havoc – and costly damage – if left unchecked.

Here’s the Danrae Group guide to planter boxes – and how to ensure your planter box doesn’t damage your property… or diminish its value.

Danrae Group Planter Box Considerations

Planter box considerations

When dealing with any planter box in a strata situation, you do need to be clear on responsibility.

Often the strata management is responsible for installation, waterproofing and repair of planter boxes, but it may not always be the case.

And in situations where property owners have purchased plants and soil, they may have a vested interest in any maintenance or repairs. Having clear guidelines re planter box responsibility – and good communication between parties – is crucial.

Danrae Group Planter Boxes Waterproofing

Waterproofing for planter boxes

Obviously, there are abundant varieties and styles of planter boxes and most will be perfectly suitable for your strata property or luxury home. There are a few key considerations in planter box waterproofing.

Planter boxes require adequate drainage, which should be part of any well-designed waterproofing solution. And while most plants are fine, avoid those with aggressive root systems.

Our choice of membrane may depend on location and property type, but in all cases you will need a root resistant membrane such as Torch-On Modified Bitumen or elastomeric sheet – either PVC, TPO, Butynol or rubber.

Danrae Group Planter Box Project

A planter box project

Danrae Group works across diverse sectors including strata, construction, civil, government and luxury homes. So our waterproofing projects have ranged from major hospitals to botanic gardens… and golf clubhouses.

We recently installed a newly constructed planter box at Wollongong Golf Club using ARDEX ROOT REPELL™.

It’s a waterproofing membrane with an embedded root inhibitor designed to repel root growth without killing the root.

The job went smoothly, the client was happy, and like all Danrae Group projects, we provided a full workmanship warranty.

Protecting your property with Danrae Group

Danrae Group Waterproofing

Danrae Group stands apart with end to end waterproofing solutions – from diagnostic to post-project preventative maintenance – and with our skilled in-house waterproofers and tradies.

Looking after a planter box will help ensure your quality waterproofing lasts the distance. And by acting at the first indicator of a leak, you can treat your waterproofing issue before it magnifies.

We provide superior commercial, construction and strata waterproofing that will help protect the condition – and value – of your property. Danrae Group knows how to best protect your planter boxes – and property.

So contact us for comprehensive and quality waterproofing solutions. Read more about waterproofing techniques.

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