Three environmental advantages of waterproofing

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We’ve seen the building faults that continue to plague strata and other properties, and it’s no surprise that poor-quality waterproofing is a major culprit. Expert waterproofing plays a crucial role in protecting your property from water leakage and related issues, such as concrete spalling, that may have a severe impact on your property.

What some might not realise is that among the advantages of waterproofing are key environmental benefits.

At Danrae Group, we know that diagnostic, solution design, waterproofing, remediation and preventative maintenance each play a role in a comprehensive waterproofing solution. Whilst the primary purpose of waterproofing is to prevent water ingress, here are three environmental advantages of waterproofing.

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Minimising energy consumption

Sustainable aspects of construction and property usage focus on ways to reduce energy consumption, limit water consumption and minimise an individual’s or company’s carbon footprint.

Ways to reduce traditional energy consumption include solar panels and smart design that integrates natural light and ventilation whilst utilising sustainable materials.

A tailored waterproofing solution design that considers a property’s location and climate may help regulate internal building temperatures and guard against excess moisture. This in turn plays a role in minimising the demand for air conditioners, extractor fans, dehumidifiers and other devices for temperature control.

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Supporting green solutions

Green roofs – rooftop gardens – are increasing in popularity as more strata owners and managers discover their benefits. In addition to providing additional outdoor space for tenants, they play a significant role in greener living.

Green roofs are a natural filter for air pollutants and greenhouse emissions through carbon sequestration – a natural process whereby plants and soil absorb carbon dioxide. Green roofs attract birds and insects to promote biodiversity. And they play a major role in temperature regulation, effectively mitigating the extreme heat common to densely built-up urban areas.

In order to work effectively, green roofs require a considered and comprehensive waterproofing system to prevent soil and moisture leakage, inhibit root growth that leads to membrane punctures, and help soils retain moisture to promote healthy, flourishing plants.

Reducing water loss

A tailored waterproofing solution consists of a waterproofing membrane and other elements, such as drainage design, that effectively prevent any water ingress into a property. Additionally, waterproofing can be used to prevent water loss from structures such as water tanks and swimming pools.

Typically, swimming pools and other below-ground structures face external hydrostatic pressure from high water tables, which can lead to cracks in foundation walls and floors. This can cause water ingress and typical issues such as mould, excess moisture and, often, concrete cancer.

Effective waterproofing, including cement-based sealants, is the best way to prevent cracks and water loss.

Sustainable waterproofing solutions

One of the best ways to support sustainable waterproofing is with a tailored solution design from waterproofing experts that considers your property’s location, climate and usage.

At Danrae Group, we have decades of experience in waterproofing across strata, construction, civil, commercial and government projects. We also have an in-house team of waterproofers qualified to use every brand and every waterproofing technique.

Our comprehensive capability means we can recommend a wide variety of quality brands, including eco-friendly options. Waterproofing manufacturers such as Sika, for instance, are adopting a sustainable focus in their product development to reduce ongoing maintenance and enhance energy and material efficiency.

The Danrae Group team is committed to the highest quality waterproofing solutions. To discuss the advantages of waterproofing for your property, please contact us.

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