How apartment waterproofing may impact investment value

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We’ve all previously seen the devastating effects of building defects resulting from poor quality apartment waterproofing and construction.

There have been stories of owners locked out of strata towers or left in limbo as new apartment construction has stalled. Even smaller waterproofing issues can lead to extensive and costly repairs and sometimes health issues.

High quality and expert waterproofing solutions, on the other hand, will protect apartment waterproofing, property condition – and value.

Danrae Group is a longstanding family business with the expertise, experience and dedication to deliver expert diagnostic, solution design, remediation and preventative maintenance.  We see a few clear ways that waterproofing may impact investment value and how best to protect new and existing apartments.

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Why apartment waterproofing fails

Cost-cutting and poor quality workmanship are two key reasons why apartment waterproofing fails. Our team members often encounter problems stemming from the incorrect choice of waterproofing membrane or inadequate installation.

Given every waterproofing issue will worsen if untreated, neglecting even a small leak will have consequences. And external factors such as extreme storms or mishaps from subsequent trades work may also lead to water ingress.

It’s important to be proactive about strata waterproofing. Quality waterproofing during the construction phase is essential, but incidental damage means ongoing preventative maintenance is the best way forward.

There are benefits to this, too. Should you fail to look after your membrane, the supplier can void the warranty. Keep a membrane in excellent condition and they may extend your warranty, sometimes by years. Preventative maintenance is a cost-effective choice to protect your property over the long term.

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The financial impact of waterproofing failures

Waterproofing defects can be costly, and they can also affect the potential resale value of strata apartments by impacting structural conditions.

Whilst some smaller issues can be repaired on the spot, anything that escalates into concrete cancer or membrane failure, for instance, will require significant and costly remediation such as rebuild of decks, balconies, rooftops, facades or other affected areas. If left untreated, leaks ultimately affect the structural integrity of your building, meaning even more costly repairs and impacting resale appeal.

All major repairs must legally be recorded with strata records. Potential buyers usually obtain a strata inspection report that includes owners’ corporation records listing current or previous defects and any major works. So, a major building problem now will have repercussions.

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Protecting your investment

Astute investors will tell you that you need to protect and preserve your investment. When it comes to strata waterproofing, that means being proactive to minimise outlays and ensure your property stays in top condition.

At Danrae Group, we always recommend a waterproofing maintenance plan when we complete a job. With three plan levels, you have full flexibility to protect your property within your budget.

Benefits of our Gold and Platinum plans include extended supplier warranties and EVFM (Electric Field Vector Mapping®) No-Leak test certificates. A higher level of preventative maintenance plan means a longer-lasting and more cost-effective waterproofing solution.

High quality and compliant waterproofing

At Danrae Group, our expert team is qualified to work with every type of membrane, every brand and every technique, and we have skilled trades professionals including carpenters, electricians and tilers. By keeping things in-house, we can oversee every stage of a waterproofing project – to guarantee our quality.

Our expertise includes holistic waterproofing solutions for strata, construction, civil, commercial and government projects.

To discuss your apartment waterproofing, please contact us.

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