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Ardex brand

ARDEX has been a leader in building solutions for over 70 years, with engineered products and systems including flooring, tile and natural stone, decorative surfaces and general construction products. It’s also the brand of choice for waterproofing professionals in Australia – and around the globe.

ARDEX waterproofing products include a range of sheet and liquid applied waterproofing membranes that are rapid curing and energy efficient.

The quality, durability and reliability of ARDEX waterproofing membranes makes them ideal for diverse applications including basements, balconies and flat roofs.

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Sustainable Solutions

ARDEX is dedicated to delivering sustainable waterproofing solutions using carefully selected raw materials. The company invests in cutting edge manufacturing technology to reduce energy usage – and nearly all ARDEX membranes are 100% recyclable.

ARDEX waterproofing products are designed to cover larger surface areas using less materials, including adhesive. And the company’s unique RAPIDRY Formula Technology enables faster project completion, which means fewer trips back and forth to building sites.

With their extraordinary durability, ARDEX products reduce the need for remediation – and resources used over the long term.

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Flexibility and Performance

At Danrae Group, we use ARDEX waterproofing membranes for our clients in strata, government, civil, construction and commercial sectors. Some of our favourite products include WPM 300, WPM 1000 and Root Repell.

ARDEX WPM 300 is a water based epoxy and hydrostatic waterproof membrane that prevents rising damp and can be used on surfaces such as basements, retaining walls and carparks.

WPM 1000 is a versatile undertile butynol sheet rubber membrane system for areas such as bathrooms and showers. It has superior strength and waterproofing capability – and tiling can begin just 60 minutes after installation.

Root Repell is a high performance waterproof membrane that repels root growth without killing the roots. We regularly use Root Repell for planter boxes, retaining walls and rooftop gardens, in conjunction with WA98 Adhesive.

Product Showcase

ARDEX WPM 300 – A two component water-based epoxy polyamide membrane and barrier coating.

  • Water resistant, prevents rising damp and efflorescence and withstands hydrostatic pressure
  • Excellent adhesion to most substrates, including damp surfaces and freshly laid green concrete
  • Safe to use in potable water situations
  • Approved for use with potable (drinking) water – independent testing confirms conformity with the requirements of AS4020.2005
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ARDEX Root Repell – A heat weldable, high-performance waterproofing membrane designed specifically for areas exposed to soil and plants.

  • Premium root inhibitor repels root growth without killing the roots
  • High elongation and excellent crack bridging capabilities
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent gas impermeability and toughness
  • Will remain flexible at low temperatures
  • Conforms to AS4654.1 – Waterproofing membranes for external above-ground use

ARDEX WPM 1000 – An undertile Butynol membrane suitable for waterproofing roofs, decks and tiles.

  • Versatile rubber waterproofing membrane
  • Easy installation
  • Resistant to heat, sunlight and ozone
  • Excellent gas impermeability and remains flexible at low temperatures
  • Tiling can be done directly on the membrane after 60 minutes
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Expert Ardex Waterproofing

The ARDEX Training Academy offers training in specialist ARDEX products and has branches in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Unlike some other waterproofing contractors, the Danrae Group team is trained and certified to use every type and brand of membrane – including ARDEX.

Our comprehensive capability includes diagnostic, solution design, remediation, waterproofing and preventative maintenance. And to guarantee our quality, we provide end-to-end project management.

If you need an expert and permanent waterproofing solution for your property or project, please contact us.

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