Three reasons why you should partner with an expert waterproofing company

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Given the building faults that continue to plague strata developments, the importance of partnering with an expert waterproofing company is clear.

Expert waterproofing is crucial for quality civil, commercial, strata and government projects, and it’s very important to have a comprehensive waterproofing solution in place at the earliest stage.

With capability spanning diagnostic, solution design, waterproofing, remediation and preventative maintenance, we understand best practices for long-term and cost-effective waterproofing solutions.

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A tailored and cost-effective solution

Working with a waterproofing company in the construction phase will save you from future faults and associated costs.

Given there are several varieties of membrane waterproofing – liquid, cementitious materials, PVC and bituminous material – and each suits particular environments, it’s essential that your property has a tailored and holistic waterproofing solution.

Our team considers property use, footfall, climate and other factors during solution design, so our recommendations for an exposed flat roof or balcony, for instance, will be quite different from our choice for basement waterproofing.

While a good quality waterproofing membrane might last up to 50 years, a cheap or unsuitable version means you may need to repeat the process in just a few years.

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Avoiding major repairs and disruption

Just as a quality membrane is important, so is quality workmanship. Poor quality materials and installation will contribute to waterproofing faults, and issues always worsen if left untreated.

Reactive waterproofing – responding to leaks, or issues such as concrete spalling or concrete cancer – is inherently more costly given the work involved. Whilst some smaller issues can be repaired on the spot, anything that escalates will need significant remediation such as rebuild of decks, balconies, rooftops and facades.

Being proactive about quality waterproofing and preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid unnecessary costs and tenant disruption.

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Protecting property value

Poor quality waterproofing may directly impact your property value. In addition to the outlay in repairs and remediation, major issues such as concrete can also affect the structural integrity of your building – and the potential resale value.

Strata and property managers must legally record all major repairs with strata records. Potential buyers usually obtain a strata inspection report that includes owners’ corporation records listing current or previous defects and major works.

So, a major building problem will have repercussions. Choose a quality waterproofing company from the start and it benefits your property well into the future.

The expert waterproofing company

At Danrae Group, we’ve been providing leading waterproofing solutions for decades, so we’re waterproofing experts.

Our team includes waterproofers and in-house trades specialists such as builders and tilers. It means we can oversee every stage of a project, from leak detection through solution design and expert waterproofing remediation.

Proactive waterproofing is the best way to avoid faults and associated costs. To work with a waterproofing company that really understands a quality solution, please contact us.

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