Danrae Group a registered ‘Building Practitioner’ under DBP Act

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In July 2021, the Design and Building Practitioners Act 2020 No 7 (DBP Act) took effect – the latest government regulation aimed to restore public confidence in the building industry.

Under the latest changes, every registered builder must be registered as a Building Practitioner in order to perform any building works.

We are pleased to inform you that Danrae Group is a Registered Building Practitioner with decades of experience across diagnostic, solution design, waterproofing, remediation and preventative maintenance. We believe the DBP Act is a positive step to increase, and maintain, standards across the industry.

Here’s what it means to be a registered Building Practitioner under the DBP Act – and why it matters for our customers across the strata, construction, civil, commercial and government sectors.

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Ongoing building defects

The implementation of the DBP Act comes as building defects once more make headlines. Just this week, a NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into building standards focused on a Parramatta strata development unable to gain an occupancy certificate, due to major building issues. Owners who had bought off the plan are in limbo, with no apartments and unable to obtain deposit refunds from the developers.

Also this week, UNSW released its Cracks in the Compact City: Tackling defects in multi-unit strata housing report. Researchers assessed 635 strata buildings across Sydney, concluding more than one in four apartment blocks built in the decade to 2017 are likely have defects.

In line with similar reports, waterproofing issues were the main culprit, present in 42% of defective buildings.

We’ve now reported several times on strata defects across Sydney. With the issue still so prevalent, the DBP Act is absolutely essential to ensure compliant waterproofing… and to weed out shoddy operators.

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About the DBP Act

The 2018 Shergold Weir Report was a driving force for the DBP Act. That report found several factors were contributing to widespread building faults, including a historic lack of oversight across the industry and serious compliance failures leading to water ingress, fire safety issues and structural issues. The use of non-compliant building materials was another serious problem.

The aim of the DBP Act is to ensure all buildings comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA). With 50-60 percent of defects attributable to design issues, and the remainder arising during construction, the Act will help ensure quality at every stage from design through to handover.

Under the DBP Act, all builders providing building work must be registered, and in order to gain registration you need to have the capability to consistently deliver high-quality, compliant solutions.

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What it means to be a registered Building Practitioner

As a registered Building Practitioner, Danrae Group provides comprehensive services from leak detection to design and installation in compliance with the DBP Act, the National Construction Code (NCC) and to Australian Standards.

All practitioners have a duty of care to carry out work to avoid economic loss caused by defects, we must provide declarations to confirm work is BCA compliant prior to the issuing of an occupation certificate, and we must be adequately insured in order to give a compliance declaration.

It means our team of expert waterproofers and trades specialists will complete all waterproofing and remediation works without any deviation from scope, and with quality guaranteed.

Quality and compliant waterproofing

Danrae Group has provided expert waterproofing for decades, and with our industry-leading team of waterproof specialists and tradesmen, we provide end-to-end project management without outsourcing.

It’s another way to ensure that every waterproofing project we complete is safe and free of defects.

Please contact us for leading solutions, from the waterproofing experts.

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