A day with waterproofing expert… Wayne Spiteri

At Danrae Group, we’ve been delivering high quality and holistic waterproofing solutions for decades – and it’s largely thanks to our team of waterproofing experts.

In addition to leading waterproofers, we have project managers and finance managers, engineers and estimators, carpenters and builders. Many are multi-skilled, and every team member plays a vital role.

In the latest of our A Day in the Life series, we speak to Wayne Spiteri, Danrae Group Sales Director. A former electrician, Wayne learnt waterproofing from the ground up over several years with our company.

Now our Sales Director, Wayne is a remedial project estimator and customer service specialist, ensuring every client receives expert diagnostic, solution design, waterproofing, remediation and preventative maintenance.

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Preparing the waterproofing quote

Danrae Group provides a tailored waterproofing solution for every client, meaning no two projects are the same.

“Every day is completely different, especially with remedial waterproofing,” explains Wayne. “We could be quoting on a failed membrane, or a basement carpark riddled with concrete spalling.

The first step is to check if the client has a scope, which will help point us in the right direction. If they don’t have one, we need to visit and create our own scope of works.”

A waterproofing scope is a document, often prepared by engineers, outlining the problem and specific remedial recommendations.

“If an engineer’s report exists, we’ll prepare a quote based on their recommendations. Some owners’ corporations and strata committees will ask us for our assessment, and in that case, we will produce a detailed condition report with recommended project steps.”

Making on-site visits

Once Wayne has a scope or condition report, the next step is a site visit assessment.

“My colleague, Ali Khakbazan, and I visit the property to photograph and measure the area. In estimating and preparing for the project we need to look at several factors. We check the type of existing membrane and its current condition, if the site has adequate drainage, and what sort of access there is to the roof, for instance.

From that point, we can determine the most suitable waterproofing membrane and any other required remediation. In some cases, we’ll provide a couple of membrane selections, and we will explain the life span of each so that our customers have a full picture of their options and long-term costs.”

At Danrae Group, our waterproofers are trained to work with every type and brand of membrane, giving our customers full flexibility to meet diverse projects and budgets.

“We do only use quality brands,” adds Wayne. “Typically, a sheet membrane will last 30 years plus, and some suppliers may state their products last longer. A cheap membrane costs less of course, but you may only get five or 10 years out of it. You’ll then need to pay not just for a new membrane, but for the installation and remediation, and we want our customers to get value for money.”

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Providing expert client service

Wayne spends a lot of time with both new and existing Danrae Group clients to ensure they are informed at every stage of a project.

“We always follow up after submitting a quote and we offer Zoom or face to face meetings to answer all customer questions. We know that this is often a new area for many customers, and given it’s a big investment, we’re more than happy to answer questions and make sure our clients are across every detail.

Once a quotation is approved, we set up a pre-commencement and site handover meeting with the owners’ corporation representative and our site foreman and project manager. We include all details in our proposal but we also ensure customers are clear on where we will set up and access the site.”

As part of Wayne’s duties, he prepares a dilapidation report prior to any works taking place, to identify and photograph existing damage, then he hands over to the project team.

Back in the office, Wayne keeps in contact with our customers at the end of a project. “We always make a call to see how the works went, check they are happy and discuss our preventative maintenance plans.”

Collaborating with waterproofing experts

Beyond estimating and customer service, Wayne meets with the Danrae Group administration and finance teams, project managers and other estimators every morning, to run through what teams are up to and if anyone needs a hand.

“We also have weekly management, sales and operations meetings,” adds Wayne. “We sit down to discuss future projects and check timeframes and delivery on current jobs.”

Like our entire team, Wayne is a waterproofing expert, passionate about quality waterproofing solutions and delivering a quality job, each and every time.

To discuss your waterproofing project with Wayne and the team, please contact us.

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