Introducing our new roof waterproofing maintenance plans

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Danrae Group is pleased to introduce our new roof waterproofing maintenance plans. As a long-standing provider of expert waterproofing solutions, we have always been proud to guarantee our work. We’re now making it even easier for our customers by introducing three tiers of maintenance plans.

Our waterproofing maintenance is the best way to ensure your waterproofing solution lasts.

Our new plans provide you with full flexibility for a maintenance plan that best suits your budget and the specific needs of your strata, commercial or government property.

In line with new government regulations, Danrae Group is a registered Building Practitioner with comprehensive capability across all aspects of waterproofing – and roof waterproofing is a speciality. Here’s an overview of our new plans, and the importance and benefits of roof waterproofing maintenance.

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About roof waterproofing maintenance

A roof waterproofing solution might range from a small leak fix to new waterproofing membrane installation and extensive remediation, including building and electrical work, tiling, decking, fencing and the removal and reinstallation of rooftop equipment such as large air-conditioning units.

Our full project management also includes crane hire, council permits and all stakeholder correspondence.

It can be a large and expensive project, which is why you want to avoid having to do it all again in just a few years.

To clarify, all membrane suppliers provide material warranties, but just like a car, if you don’t take adequate steps to keep it in good condition, the manufacturer can void that warranty. Conversely, if you keep a membrane in pristine condition, suppliers may even extend warranties – and sometimes by years.

With strata faults continuing to make headlines, you are no doubt aware of the dangers of ignoring your commercial waterproofing. Waterproofing maintenance is the most efficient and cost-effective way to ensure you have a robust waterproofing solution in place to protect your property and your tenants.

Standard, Gold and Platinum options

Danrae Group has always focused on tailored waterproofing solutions with a waterproofing guarantee. Our roof waterproofing maintenance plans also provide you with full flexibility for maintenance that best suits your property.

We already offer all customers our standard maintenance plan, which includes a six-year installation warranty and standard manufacturing warranty.

For strata, commercial or government properties, there are additional benefits to our Gold and Platinum packages, including extended installation warranties and manufacturer warranties, annual inspections to rectify minor issues, site documentation and testing certificates.

Maintaining waterproofing is critical for the safety of your tenants and the condition and value of your property. Your choice of waterproofing plan should align with your long-term goals and capacity to preserve your current waterproofing solution for as long as possible.

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Expertise for every sector

At Danrae Group, we are waterproofing experts with comprehensive capability spanning diagnostic, solution design, waterproofing, remediation, corporate branding and preventative maintenance.

We pride ourselves on our high-quality work that consistently meets Australian and industry standards, thanks to our in-house team of waterproofers and trades specialists.

We’re one of the few in the industry trained and certified to work with every type and brand of waterproofing membrane, meaning we’re equipped to service every sector and every type of property.

Please contact us for further information on our roof waterproofing maintenance plans.

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