Three reasons why a waterproofing guarantee really matters

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There are three elements that together will help protect your new waterproofing – product warranties, insurance and a waterproofing guarantee.

Leading brands, including Sika, Soprema and Ardex, provide warranties for waterproofing materials. Insurance is essential to protect your waterproofing from unforeseen events such as wild storms.

And a waterproofing guarantee is the best way to ensure that you’re dealing with a qualified, thorough and expert waterproofing company.

At Danrae Group , we’ve been providing first-class diagnostic, solution design, waterproofing, remediation and preventative maintenance since 1996 – and we always guarantee our workmanship.

In addition to peace of mind, there are three key reasons why a waterproofing guarantee really matters.

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To weed out shoddy operators

Serious building faults across Sydney strata blocks have made headlines over the last decade. The NSW Government has responded with tighter compliance and contractor registration requirements; however, a few dodgy operators may still exist.

Not every waterproofing company offers a waterproofing guarantee, but a certified and expert waterproofing company should.

A waterproofing guarantee gives you peace of mind that your contractor is committed to highest-quality waterproofing and that they are confident they’ve provided you with a first-class project solution.

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To ensure a quality waterproofing solution

As we’ve previously reported, it’s estimated that waterproofing and subsequent property damage may account for up to 80% of all building defects, and insurance claims for water damage far outnumber those for fire and burglary.

The main causes of these waterproofing issues are ineffective solution design, slapdash waterproofing installation and a lack of ongoing preventative maintenance.

Unprofessional waterproofers may opt for a one-size-fits-all waterproofing design and choose a membrane incompatible with the property, bearing in mind rooftops, basements, balconies and other areas need tailored waterproofing solutions. They might fail to prepare the surface properly, lay screeds and membranes carelessly, or miss the finishing details that really matter.

Danrae Group’s expert waterproofers are careful, methodical and detail-orientated. And because we have trades experts at hand, we provide full in-house remediation and oversee end-to-end project management.

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To see that your waterproofing lasts

The Danrae Group team frequently provides remediation for major problems like concrete spalling and concrete cancer – that are the direct result of poor-quality workmanship.

When we complete any waterproofing repair, we need to clear and prepare the site, remove the existing membrane, lay down a new one and complete any remedial building such as carpentry or tiling. We might need to order cranes to lift materials to the rooftop, and organise council permits and stakeholder communication. It can be time-consuming and expensive.

With the right solution design, careful and efficient installation and ongoing preventative maintenance, your waterproofing will last. Choose a shoddy operator and you will likely need to pay for the entire project – not once… but twice.

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Expert and guaranteed solutions

At Danrae Group, we’re the leading waterproofing experts for strata, commercial, civil, government and construction.

We guarantee our workmanship because we know that our waterproofing solutions are safe, compliant and always sound.

Please contact us for your expert and always guaranteed waterproofing solution.

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