Best membrane solutions for balconies

Balconies in a building

Danrae Group has provided quality waterproofing solutions for decades, and we specialise in first-class strata, construction, civil, government and commercial solutions.

We implicitly understand solution design, remediation and preventative maintenance. And because our expert waterproofers are trained to work with every type of membrane, we will always install the most suitable membrane for property and environment.

Here’s what you need to know about membranes for balconies… and why full flexibility with membrane choice will ensure an efficient and long-lasting waterproofing solution.

Sofa in a balcony

Balcony waterproofing basics

To ensure a comprehensive property solution, it’s important to waterproof several areas of a property, including roofs, bathrooms, basements, balconies, planter boxes and terrace areas.

There are several varieties of balcony, including cantilevered, hung and stacked. Regardless of construction, waterproofing for your balcony is crucial. A membrane should cover the balcony floor and extend partially up adjoining walls to form a robust, water-resistant barrier.

Like roofs, balcony structures are directly exposed to the environment, and their load bearing properties may also make them susceptible to water ingress. Given they connect with living or working areas, any leak or other waterproofing issue will likely affect occupants, and – if left untreated – the structural integrity of your property.

Rain pouring in balcony

Common issues in balconies

Waterproofing faults in balconies are common. Sometimes, it might be because of a problem with the initial design or inadequate planning during construction. And neglecting ongoing preventative maintenance will affect membrane longevity.

Effective waterproofing design for balconies should direct water flow away from the façade. It will need to incorporate adequate drainage, and it will also need to take environmental factors into account, such as extreme climates or overhanging trees – where leaves or twigs may frequently block drains.

Successful waterproofing requires a comprehensive consideration of balcony design. A quality membrane installed on a balcony, for instance, will not adequately protect your property if there are issues with the materials below or above it. A porous layer above a membrane can provide a channel for water that affects membrane integrity – and that’s why we also look after all remediation requirements.

Gallon of Waterproofing mortar

The importance of fast action

Occupants will likely notice a leak pretty quickly, but some water damage can lie hidden from view for substantial periods.

When water finds a channel into your walls, floors or façade, it can start wearing the foundations from within. The first signs may be flaking paint, cracks or mould. By this stage, there’s a chance that you have an issue such as concrete spalling, the first stage of concrete cancer.

There are plenty of benefits as such to early detection and treatment for tenants and property owners. Ongoing preventative maintenance can help you identify potential issues early, and that will help keep your waterproofing membrane – and building – in good shape.

Man welding a steel bar

Comprehensive balcony waterproofing

The Danrae Group team always takes a tailored approach to waterproofing design. However, we would generally opt for a sheet membrane for balconies, which is more suited for extreme weather conditions. Sheet membranes are also typically flexible and durable, can be root-resistant if required, UV stable and heat-reflective. Plus, they’re compatible with downpipes and PVC fittings, depending upon the system being used. Some sheet membranes can be laid directly over damp substrates, if required.

If it’s an existing balcony, our remediation process will involve leak detection and full remediation. We may need to remove existing tiles to prepare the substrate. We lay the membrane, re-tile the area, and test all joins afterwards to ensure it’s 100% watertight.

Every Danrae Group solution is tailored to client and property. And to ensure a quality and efficient solution, we manage every project end-to-end, with everything from stakeholder correspondence to crane hire, if required.

Man fixing concretes on a building

A quality approach

As every strata manager knows, a waterproofing issue that affects tenants requires a fast fix.

But it’s important to understand too that leaks, concrete cancer and other issues will worsen if undiagnosed.

The best approach to balcony waterproofing is a holistic plan that includes a comprehensive design, a quality membrane and full remediation. Once your job is complete, regular preventative maintenance is a must.

If you have a new or a long-standing waterproofing issue, get in touch. We can help provide a permanent solution for your balcony and keep your building in top shape. Read more articles about membrane waterproofing.


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