The dangers of ignoring your commercial waterproofing

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The horrific collapse of a Miami apartment building in early July is one of the most devastating cases to highlight the danger of neglecting commercial waterproofing.

A 2018 engineer’s report identified major structural damage to a concrete slab beneath a pool deck, observed abundant concrete cracking and spalling in the parking garage, and the report recommended extensive repairs to fix the systemic issues.

In Australia, we’re fortunate not to have had a similar building collapse, but as we’ve previously reported, there have been several very public issues with strata defects.

At Danrae Group, we have decades of experience across diagnostic, solution design and remediation, and we know there are three key ways to help avoid waterproofing failures – sound solution design, expert waterproofing and remediation, and ongoing preventative maintenance.

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Sound solution design

Effective waterproofing design is central to a long-lasting and quality waterproofing solution, either during the construction phase or to replace existing failed waterproofing.

There are several types of waterproofing membranes, and each has properties – such as UV resistance, flexibility to adapt to extreme temperature, suitability for damp substrates or compatibility with certain building materials – that lend it to specific uses, for instance in a basement or a pedestrian area such as rooftop garden.

An expert waterproofer will tailor an effective and comprehensive solution design that perfectly fits your property location and usage. The wrong choice of membrane is a common reason for waterproofing failures and something easily avoidable with quality and considered design.

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Expert waterproofing and remediation

Just as the wrong choice of membrane will lead to premature waterproofing failures, shoddy or rushed work will significantly hamper the quality of your waterproofing. When you tailor each waterproofing solution design, use premier products and install carefully and efficiently, then you can expect longevity.

Danrae Group has provided exceptional waterproofing for decades, and we pride ourselves on careful and methodical site preparation and laying of commercial waterproofing membranes.

Our team is also one of the few in the industry qualified to work with every type of membrane, including torch-on bitumen. Quality remediation is also important and because we have skilled in-house trades professionals, we provide end-to-end project management including all building work, demolish, repair and clean up.

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A preventative maintenance plan

The third part of every solid waterproofing solution is an ongoing preventative maintenance plan.

External factors such as wild storms or even mishaps from other trades work on site can damage a membrane, and even the smallest water ingress will lead to larger issues such as concrete spalling. If left untreated, these issues can escalate and eventually impact the structural integrity of your property.

Preventative maintenance ensures your membrane stays in great shape and any issues can be remedied before they escalate.

There are added benefits too, in terms of your product warranty. A membrane supplier can void a warranty if you don’t take basic steps to look after it. Conversely, keep it in good condition and they may even extend your warranty, sometimes by years.

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Quality waterproofing for every customer

At Danrae Group, we provide expert solution design, waterproofing, remediation and waterproofing maintenance and our skilled team is committed to safe, reliable and first-class waterproofing solutions.

We’re the go-to for quality waterproofing for every type of property, and we’re skilled for every industry including strata, construction, civil, commercial and government projects.

Please contact us to help protect your property with a quality waterproofing solution.

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