A better waterproofing solution for a Bondi strata block

A Better Waterproofing Solution

Danrae Group has been providing outstanding waterproofing solutions for strata for over twenty years. And because we provide end-to-end project management, we’ll take control of every stage including diagnostics, design and delivery.

When apartment buildings have a leak, a common issue like concrete cancer or waterproofing damage due to storms, it means we can find and fix the issue fast and look after everything from crane hire to stakeholder correspondence… just as we did with this Bondi apartment block.

Here’s what was involved – and why our waterproofing remediation was great news for the strata managers, property owners and tenants.

Beating the Bondi blues

Beating the Bondi blues

Several property owners and strata managers have contacted us in recent months with storm damaged waterproofing. In this case, hail had damaged the rooftop insulation board, causing significant water ingress.

After assessing the site, we determined that we would need to remove the damaged insulation, install a vapour barrier with new insulation boards then lay a quality PVC membrane.

Danrae Group is one of the few in the industry with expert waterproofers trained to work with every membrane. So, just as we did in Bondi, we can identify the problem, recommend the best products – and be on site fast to start our remediation.

Seamless waterproofing solution

Preparations for a seamless waterproofing solution

There are several steps that we may need to take prior to on-site waterproofing. We may need to hire cranes, organise council permits for road closures and correspond with stakeholders including tenants. We’ve even hired professional abseilers when working on high rise facades.

For the Bondi remediation, we accessed the site to set up equipment, including a winch and bins. And we installed safety anchor points to the rooftop area as per OH&S regulations.

We then removed all existing damaged insulation from the floor area of the roof and stored it into bulk bags, which we winched to ground level for disposal. Finally, we winched all the vapour barrier, insulation board and membrane up to the roof area in preparation for installation.

Installation and full remediation

Installation and full remediation

For the remediation process, we began by loosely laying FatraPar Vapour control barrier over the substrate and sealing it using butyl sealing tape along all joints and laps. We installed 50mm Foil Faced PIR Insulation Board to achieve 2.5 R Value, then FatraPad fixing system as per wind load calculations ready for PVC application.

We removed the ceiling vent and skylight flashing where required for membrane terminations. We supplied and installed termination profiles to the perimeter of the work area (up and over hob detail) and installed our custom-made metal profiles.

We elected to install Fatrafol 810v 1.5mm thick PVC membrane, which is ideal for rooftops, being UV stable, durable, flexible, compatible with PVC fittings and downpipes – and easy to maintain. After laying the membrane, we reinstated the vent and skylight flashing where required for membrane terminations. On completion, we conducted a final site clean to leave the rooftop in pristine condition.

First-class strata solutions

First-class strata solutions

Just as we did for this Bondi strata complex, Danrae Group provides cost-effective and quality waterproofing solutions. And to protect your waterproofing solution from storms and other environmental factors, we tailor an ongoing preventative maintenance plan.

Our waterproofing solutions for strata are always sound. So if you have a leak or other issue in a basement, balcony or any other apartment location, contact us for the first step to a better waterproofing solution. Read more about waterproofing techniques.

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