What you need to know about waterproofing guarantees, warranties and insurance

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With a leading team of expert waterproofers, Danrae Group provides exceptional waterproofing solutions for strata, commercial, civil, government and construction projects – and we guarantee our quality.

Waterproofing guarantees and product warranties cover workmanship and materials, but as a property owner, you also require insurance to protect your property in the event of damage from external factors.

Understanding what guarantees, warranties and insurance policies cover is crucial to ensure long-term, quality waterproofing… and to protect your property and financial investment.

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The Danrae Group Guarantee

Danrae Group is one of the few in the industry with waterproofers trained to work with every type of membrane, and tradespeople including builders, carpenters and tilers. By keeping skills in-house, we can project manage from diagnostic through solution design, remediation and waterproofing.

Overseeing every aspect of waterproofing and remediation helps us maintain quality at every stage of a waterproofing project and ensure all trades work and processes blend seamlessly.

As one example, Ron Caruana, Danrae Group Co-Founder and Project Manager, explains that different products like concrete, brick, mortar, all have different curing times.

“When products are laid down on top of each other too quickly, there’s a clash with the curing times, which can lead to movement… and product failure.” That has a flow on effect with water ingress leading to issues including leaks, concrete spalling and concrete cancer.

The Danrae Group team works collaboratively on each project, and we triple test every membrane installation to provide a workmanship guarantee for every customer.

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Protecting your warranty

Quality waterproofing materials will come with a warranty, with the length dependent on brand and product type. On completion of every waterproofing project, the manufacturer will inspect the installation to ensure it is to sufficient standard, prior to warranty provision.

The point to remember with manufacturer warranties is that there are conditions. Just as home insurers require customers to provide basic protection such as door and window locks, waterproofing clients also need to be proactive in order to fulfil warranty conditions.

In some cases, a manufacturer may void the warranty if you fail to protect your waterproofing membrane. Conversely, if you keep a membrane in good condition with ongoing preventative maintenance, a manufacturer may extend the life of your warranty, sometimes by years.

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Insuring your waterproofing

Waterproofing may fail from a variety of factors, including storms or accidental damage during subsequent trades work on site. Many insurance policies cover building damage due to unforeseen events including hail, lightning or floods; however, they may not cover damage accrued over a period of time, or arising from failed or neglected waterproofing.

According to the Australian Institute of Waterproofing, the highest number of insurance claims for waterproofing failures relate to balconies, terraces, and rooftops in high rise strata and commercial buildings.

In strata properties, the body corporate may be responsible for issues such as rising damp or leaks if the property is not sufficiently maintained, which is why regular preventative maintenance of areas including balconies, basements, planter boxes and rooftop gardens is vital.

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Planning for long-term waterproofing

You can take a number of steps to help ensure you have a long-term waterproofing solution in place, including ensuring you deal only with licenced, experienced contractors and by opting for a preventative maintenance plan.

We can advise you on the best choice of membrane for your property, as product selection is also key. “We’ve found buildings with faults purely because people have used the wrong products,” explains Ron. “And while a cheap product might last 10 to 15 years, a quality PVC membrane might be a third more expensive but last up to 60 years, so there are incredible benefits long-term.”

At Danrae Group, we take a holistic approach to waterproofing to ensure every project is completed to exacting standards. If you need an expert and permanent waterproofing solution, please contact us. Read more about waterproofing maintenance.

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