A day with… Darren Luce

Darren Luce

Darren Luce is Danrae Group’s Service Manager – and our longest-serving employee. After close to twenty years with Danrae, he has a wealth of industry and company knowledge central to our first-class diagnostic, solution design, remediation and waterproofing.

Darren plays a key role in the delivery of our seamless end-to-end project management, with a mix of site inspections, reporting, quotes and team scheduling.

“My day varies depending on what’s scheduled, but generally there are two scenarios,” he explains. Here’s what Darren does in and out of the office to ensure our customers receive timely, efficient and expert waterproofing solutions.

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In the office

When he’s at the Danrae office, Darren is likely to be clearing emails, working on quotes and reports, organising team schedules, checking tolls, confirming payroll details – or answering the phone. “I don’t have a lot of direct client contact, but I still manage to get between 60 and 100 calls per day,” he laughs.

“The first step with a quote is to look at the site report, see what works need to be done, then to compile the number of hours required. Once finalised, I mark up photos for the client so that they have a clear picture of what the work involves. Depending on the size and nature of the job, the quoting stage can take between 30 minutes and a full day.”

Darren also allocates a team for every project, making sure they also have the necessary materials and equipment for the job. “I would generally appoint two waterproofers per job, and I also book in our regular team sub-contractors when required.”

Additionally, Darren will organise anything extra needed for a project, including crane hire, scissor lifts or even abseilers, all part of the lengths we go to deliver our comprehensive waterproofing solutions.

Maintenance check

… and on the road

When Darren completes a quote, he relies on an initial report that details the specific customer issue and our waterproofing and remediation recommendations. Reports might be completed by other team members, or by Darren during his own initial site visit.

As part of our standard process, we conduct several tests for new projects to check exactly where the leak is occurring and if there are signs of other potential issues such as concrete cancer or spalling. This forms the basis of our solution design and remediation plan.

“When I do quotes, I book myself out for the whole day,” adds Darren. “I’ll also check on current projects and compile a scoreboard to see how we’re tracking with delivery.” The scoreboard helps ensure we complete every client project to specification and to deadline.

A group picture outside the office

A collaborative working environment

The Danrae team members are experts in comprehensive waterproofing solutions, thanks to decades of experience and a collaborative working environment.

“Monday is meeting day,” says Darren. “In our project management meeting, we discuss the current jobs and how we’re tracking. I also attend a sales meeting to advise everyone where we’re at with new quotes.”

There are also the Danrae huddles. Our team meets daily to check on workloads and projects, and weekly to discuss finance and operations.

Fine rooftop

Delivering every time

Like every member of the Danrae team, Darren is dedicated to a job well done. Unlike many of his workmates, he’s up at the crack of dawn.

“I’m usually first up in the morning and I love getting started. I’m energised by challenges. And the work here is never mundane, which is great. Every day is something new and different.”

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