The lengths we go to, to deliver expert waterproofing solutions

Man wearing a hardhat and harness using a rope on a construction building

Danrae Group is a leader in expert waterproofing, thanks to a combination of long standing experience, comprehensive capability and an absolute commitment to a first-class waterproofing solution.

We go above and beyond for every customer. We tailor the best quality waterproofing plan, we’re qualified to install every type of membrane and we provide comprehensive project management that includes full building remediation.

We also never say no to a challenge. It’s why our waterproofing project solutions have incorporated everything from 130 tonne cranes to professional abseilers.

Happy man standing on the rooftop with buildings behind him

High-rise abseilers… and heavy lifting

Ron Caruana, Danrae Group Co-Founder and our lead Project Manager, ensures we deliver every project seamlessly.

While we manage every stage of diagnosis, design, repair and rebuild with our in-house team, there are just a few things beyond our reach… as seen in our waterproofing for a Wentworth Street penthouse apartment in Surry Hills.

“We had to engage abseilers for a concrete cancer repair on the facade,” explains Ron. “We do it quite regularly. We instruct them step by step and they carry out the process, working 10 storeys high.” The extensive preparations included installing barricades on the rooftop, organising the closure of one section of road and lifting the materials to the roof – by hand.

“We couldn’t use a crane, given the particular location, so our team had to bring the material up via the lift… and stairs. When you consider that the membrane rolls are close to 100kg, it’s very exhausting.”

Man fixing floor leaks on rooftop

Expert logistics for seamless delivery

Close by to Wentworth Street is Lacey on Cooper, an apartment block that had been plagued by leaks and waterproofing issues for years. Zach Smith, our specialist torch-on waterproofer, worked on the roof and beneath a rooftop swimming pool to provide a first-class membrane installation.

Ron explains that a lot of effort also went into logistics. “Being 16 storeys high, we had to crane up all the materials,” he explains.

“We also had to coordinate the crane hire and street blockage with deliveries of pavers from Melbourne, the arrival of the carpenters with their decking and the carpet guys bringing in the artificial turf for the tennis court. And we had ten cubic metres of rubbish that had to be removed from the roof.” And that all had to happen in one day.

It’s this attention to detail and expert processes that help us deliver projects on time and with quality guaranteed.

A drone moving up the sky

Advanced technology for effective leak detection

Central to quality strata waterproofing like Wentworth Street and Lacey on Cooper is our top-notch diagnostic team. They have years of experience targeting the root cause of issues, including concrete cancer, liquid damp coursing, leaks, cracks and efflorescence.

To ensure our diagnostic is 100% accurate, we employ advanced technology and multiple methods, including traditional water testing, Electric Field Vector Mapping (EFVM) and InfraRed Detection.

InfraRed or thermal imagery works by identifying heat differences, and for our purposes, those areas affected by moisture. We use highly accurate InfraRed detection to pinpoint precise locations of water ingress.

It’s a process made easier with drone technology. Our ground team controls each drone which sends a live feed during operation. Drones can help us assess expansive flat roofs and high-rise facades, quickly and very thoroughly.

A Vent with a signage of Danger and a barrier

Safe and compliant waterproofing solutions

Having worked on so many projects, our team understands safety and compliance inside and out, knowledge we called on for our St Vincent’s Hospital waterproofing repair.

Staff had discovered water seeping in over the MRI theatre, which is home to highly sensitive, specialised and expensive technology. “It’s a critical area,” says Ron. “We had to fix the issue with minimal impact on patients and staff and fix it as fast as possible to protect the equipment. We also had to consider noise, given it’s a public space and there are offices nearby.”

There were additional safety issues. “The MRI equipment releases carbon dioxide,” Ron says. “And there is a restricted area on the roof that houses exhaust pipes that can potentially release toxic gases. We had to outfit the team with breathing apparatus in order to complete the work.”

A group picture outside the office

A detailed finish

At Danrae Group, we believe the best waterproofing solutions require more than design and installation.

So, to make sure every waterproofing project is sound, we triple test our quality.

On completion of every installation, Danrae conduct their own ITP (Inspection Test Plan) process along with an EFVM test which is conducted independently prior to the relevant supplier certifying each individual job if required.

As Ron explains, “We give the client the reassurance of having both internal and external testing… and with additional supplier sign off, we can issue our full warranty.”

We also offer optional preventative maintenance plans to all of our customers. We think long-term so that every client can expect a permanent waterproofing solution.

If you have any existing strata waterproofing issues, or are in the early stages of a construction or civil project, contact us for a first-class and comprehensive waterproofing project. Read more about our waterproofing experts.


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